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January 2016

5 ways to improve your Monday

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Getting going on a Monday morning can be difficult. I am a key culprit – especially if I had a crazy morning like today where I needed to be in Randpark Ridge for an appointment at 7am and then back in Houghton by 9:30 (in peak traffic…). I only managed 2 of these 5 things and that was already a massive improvement on the usual Monday drag.

1. EAT.

This is not necessarily what you would do first. In fact it is definitely not what you should do first, but I do rank it as priority number 1. If you do only one of these suggestions then this is the one. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. Hangry is a thing. It’s a real problem and most people don’t even know it when it’s happening to them! (Hangry: When your lack of food leads to an emotional state of distress. For those who didn’t know). Not only does eating improve your weight management goals, it also seriously affects your energy levels, productivity and concentration. Obviously, this only goes for the right  kind of breakfast. Eating cereal (that is literally just a bowl full of refined sugar) is going to do more damage than good. Eat a real meal, eat leftovers, make a killer fruit & veg smoothie, make some eggs or granola or eat a banana at the very (very) least. 
We have a whole bunch of healthy breakfast recipes here: (some are a bit older, which means they may not be gluten-free or paleo – from my less enlightened days…) so try one or two of those, or look out for my post about prepping a month of smoothies – coming SOON. 

2. Don’t snooze.

I am guilty here. I am now down to only snoozing when I am not going to gym in the mornings (so 2 – 3 times a week) and I only hit snooze ONCE. But I am working on it and I suggest you do too. Hitting the snooze button might feel like a really good idea but it just starts your sleep cycle all over again and results in a groggier, grumpier you. You’re not a morning person? Maybe you actually are, but you are snoozing all your charm and morning charisma away….

3. Make your bed.

So this is actually what should happen first. Seriously, first. There is literally no reason to get up and move away from an unmade bed. If you get up and fluff the pillows, straighten out your duvet and put Mr. Sprinkles back in his throne in the middle (Mr. Sprinkles is the rainbow coloured unicorn stuffed animal that I wish I had) you will feel productive from the get-go and it will result in a more successful day. Besides, one good habit is supposed to lead to more good habits! Also, if you are even a little bit OCD like me, coming home to a messy house, an unmade bed or a dirty kitchen can really negatively impact my evening. 

4. Drink apple cider vinegar.

I shudder even thinking about this. It is not good guys. It does not taste good by any stretch of the imagination. So I’m sort of sorry I am suggesting this, but it’s just SUCH a great way to get your body going.  It’s a no-brainer.

Some of the benefits are:

It helps boost your immune system – so I do twice a day when I am feeling a bit under the weather. Apparently when your body is alkaline it is better at fighting off viruses.
> It aids in weight loss. Supposedly the ACV aids in the breakdown of fat… I have definitely seen better results when I have been regularly drinking it.
> It is a fantastic stomach aid. I say “aid” cause it covers a range of problems – it can help with digestion, it helps with bloating, it kills bacteria in your tum, it can even help with nausea. 
> It’s good for your skin. Balancing your PH levels is said to help with wrinkles and ACV definitely aids in clearing acne. This is my primary reason for being so diligent with taking it, I am prone to problem skin and it’s 100% hormonal so I can’t control it with diet or creams.. but drinking ACV every morning keeps it in check – that plus tea tree oil at night :)

So how do you drink it? 2 – 3 tablespoons in a short glass of water, block your nose and DOWN. Good luck. 
I want to tell you that it gets easier, but it doesn’t.

5. Meditate.

This is different for everyone. I think that the term meditation is too negatively associated with strange forest-hippie-naked-colony-type people. I believe strongly in clothing. I am not opposed to the forest part though.

I have been introduced to an app called HeadSpace which breaks down the act of meditation into a way that is far more approachable and manageable for someone like me, that can’t concentrate on one thing for more than 3 minutes. It simplifies it and packages it so well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am still pretty terrible at it. I haven’t managed more than 3 days in a row and I struggle to remember to do it first thing in the morning… BUT. When I do. I can feel the difference, it is really really helpful in just collecting yourself and your thoughts and preparing for the day. 

Obviously, like I said, this is not the only form of meditation.  You can try yoga, stretching, colouring in (that’s also my new thing – adult colouring in books!!!), standing outside for 5 – 10 minutes, breathing techniques or just sitting with a cup of tea and just being for a while.

So these are some things that I think could help you start your week, or at least day, better.

Happy Monday everyone. 

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