Whisking It



 Lexi Monzeglio:
So Hi! My name is Lexi Monzeglio and I started this little blog in 2013 which was a little while after I realised how much I LOVE food. And kitchen utensils. I was not a born foodie, but when left home and was forced to fend for and feed myself, my love for food and being in the kitchen started to grow.

Whisking It currently focuses on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free lifestyle. However, I am one for extreme behaviour and crazy rules, I eat this way because I can feel the difference in my body, skin and mental state, but I also have a very intense love relationship with chocolate and shortbread and carrot cake and donuts. So although a lot of these recipes will be health focused, be prepared to see some death-by-chocolate-M&M-cake type recipes popping up too.

Oh – and more that is actually about me – I am currently a publisher at Moneyweb – a job I LOVE, born & bred in Johannesburg. I love the internet, being in the kitchen and buying stuff. (Especially buying stuff.)





Kyla Steenveld:

Hi all!

It’s all thanks to the lovely Miss Monzeglio that I get to contribute to this charming little blog. Lexi and I have been friends for a while and, amongst other things, share a love for food and pretty things.

I did a BSc, and then studied physiotherapy and I live and work in Cape Town as a physiotherapist in private practice. So I’m very much part-scientific and part-creative; I love all things art, music, fashion, philosophy, design, literature and of course FOOD! I’m a firm believer that movement is medicine and food is fuel and I’m passionate about living actively and clean eating in a sustainable way. That being said, balance is key to me. Because really, life’s too short… So eat the damn cupcake!

I’m always keen to explore and learn and trying new things is the best! Some of those things will be up on Whisking it. One day Lexi and I will open up a little space where we can all hang out and eat great food together, but until then: keep watching this space.


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