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March 2013

Beetroot Chicken Pasta

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Instead of the usual tomato based sauce I decided to try a totally unconventional take on the Italian pasta dish. Chicken in a rich beetroot sauce base. Surprisingly this wacky dish turned out pretty great! Even my beetroot-hating-friend was impressed!

You will need:
3 beetroots (I am Dwight Shrute like beet expert so I am not sure about sizes and things, but I am guessing these were average sized veggies)
1 red onion
lemon juice
1 cup of water
salt & pepper
2 tbs sour cream
150ml heavy cream
basil & rosemary
chicken breasts
1 cup of white wine
coconut milk
Chop up your onions first, and fry them in some butter or olive oil. 
Blend your beetroot till it is super finely chopped, and add them to your pan (You will need a pretty big pan). Add your white wine and let it reduce, then add your cream & coconut milk and bring your pan to a simmer. Add the sour cream, herbs and salt & pepper, and mix well. At this stage I added the water to loosen the sauce up a bit and make it a tad more runny, if you prefer a thick sauce then leave this out rather.
I served this with tagliatelle, a dollop of sour cream, chopped chives and a bit of lemon zest.
The pics of the final dish and serving are courtesy of Stew Booysen! Thanks Stew x

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