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March 2013

Buckwheat Raspberry Pancakes

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Still keeping (mostly) true to my gluten free kick, here comes another one! Since this is half a “cheat” recipe as some might call it, its super quick and easy – great for Saturday morning breakfast :)

I am yet to find gluten-free flour here in SA, and I also haven’t found Buckwheat flour on it’s own yet either – but to tell you the truth I haven’t been on a serious search yet, so perhaps that health store in Parkhurst has more variety, but for now, using a ready made Buckwheat pancake mix will have to do. I did however change the additions to the dry mixture to make it a bit more tasty and exciting! And my word, you would have never guessed this recipe was gluten/cane sugar free!

You will need:

Orgran’s Gluten free Buckwheat Pancake Mix (from the Craighall Pick n Pay – will probably be at all PnP’s. See pic below)
3 eggs (slightly beaten)
200ml milk
100ml water
150ml buttermilk
pinch of salt
just less than a tsp of vanilla essence
half a cup raspberries (I got mine from Woolies – new in their frozen section)

Pour your dry mix into a large bowl & add the additional elements one by one – IF you are making for more than 3 people I would add all the raspberries now too, but if you are making for less, like I was, I would suggest dividing the batter in half before adding the raspberries – so you can save half the batter for a savoury dish the next day…

With the raspberries – if you have fresh ones I would chop them up a bit so the pieces are a bit smaller – otherwise the raspberries will be sticking out of your pancakes all over the place!

Once you have a smooth batter (with the exception of some lumpy raspberries) Pour roughly a ladle of the mixture into a hot, lightly greased pan. Now… what MY batter did was run all over the place making the pancakes super weird shapes, so I just let the underside cook a tiny bit till it wouldn’t run any more and I used my spatula to push the spread parts back into a sort of neat round-ish shape.This also helped keep them a tiny bit thicker which is also nice.

The mixture will start to bubble when it is ready to be flipped, cook the other side for the same amount of time as the first and voila!

I ended up serving these with maple syrup (there goes healthy out the window), bacon and cream cheese and boy were they delicious and my plan is to serve the batter I kept aside (once I have cooked it of course…) with a chicken topping – might do a post on that too.

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