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January 2013

Cheesecake extraordinaire!

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Mmmm hmmm. Cheesecake is my favourite dessert by far… and for some reason I always thought it was super hard to make. I based this experiment on this recipe but tweaked it a bit to make a full 12 mini cakes and also a bit more tasty!

Ingredients you need are:

1 pack tennis biscuits (or maries, or whatever you prefer!)
about 150gr butter melted – maybe 200gr
250gr cream cheese
1/2 cup castor sugar
1 egg
table spoon vanilla
tsp lemon juice
tiny pinch of salt
150ml thick cream (also may be called heavy cream or double cream – just a note, if you live in Pringle Bay or Kleinmond you won’t find this anywhere)

For the base – crush your biscuits (use a blender if you have, or put them in a packet and crushing them by hand works too). Add your melted butter and combine the two.
Divide this between your muffin holes (lined with cupcake casings) – it works out to 3 heaped teaspoons in each hole, and you can squish it down with your fingers.

So first the recipe calls for softening of the cream cheese. I put it in the micro for about 30 seconds and that did the trick, although I suppose if its a warm day you can leave it on the counter for the morning and it will probably be soft enough. Mix together the cream cheese and castor sugar – the original recipe calls for an electric beater – but I only have a hand-held electric whisk thingy so I just beat it by hand, worked like a charm! Beat in your egg as soon as its mixed.

Then I just added the vanilla, lemon juice, and the cream and whisked it with my electric whisk till it was nicely mixed and super thick and creamy. It tastes SO good at this point, what I would maybe suggest is making only 10 mini cheesecakes and drizzling this over as a saucey icing thing. YUM.

So now you take a serving spoon and fill the muffin pan holes to the brim (the batter should just make the 12 if you are making all 12)

Depending on your oven baking times will vary pretty drastically. The original recipe says 20 mins, but in my tiny pathetic oven I baked them for about 30 mins in total.
Careful not to jar your tray as you take them out or they might crack.

The cheesecakes rise quite a lot while in the oven, and when they come out they are still a bit wobbly as if they aren’t done – the best way to test is to take a clean cake tester or knife or whatever, and if there is no batter on it when you pull it out they are ready!

You dont want them to be dry… so as soon as they dont leave any residue on your cake tester get them out!

To serve, I like topping with a tablespoon of canned blueberries.

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