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September 2016

CHEFS // A Division of Licorish Bistro

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Recently I started working with Licorish Bistro, managing their social media and a bit of marketing here and there… Because of this I have gotten to know the Executive Chef, Karel Jacobs, very well. So well, in fact, that I know he prefers to go by Batchef ’cause he is like Batman in the kitchen! (I’m gonna be in trouble for that one, but worth it!).

I have never met a man that pours so much of his heart and soul into his work – from the sourcing of ingredients in the kitchen, the recipe development for the dishes on the menu, the colour & texture of the plates they are served on, to the way that he supports and trains his staff – there is so much love and compassion there. I have heard and seen pretty much everything there is to see in that kitchen – good days, bad days, happy days, tantrum days, all laughs and then emergency drives to the hospital because someone chopped off their finger. Karel lives and breathes that restaurant and it is incredible to see.



Needless to say when Karel said that he and Reino had decided to start up their own catering company as a division of Licorish, I was SUPER AMPED. I couldn’t wait to see what these guys came up with. Reino is currently not working as a chef, but his previous experience includes some time as Chef de partie at the renowned Cube Tasting Kitchen. He is the perfect balance to Karel’s crazy (another one I am going to get into trouble for). They are the perfect team – Reino is calculated, calm and methodical where Karel brings that spontaneous, mischievous and daring side in. It works.

When they decided to do their launch event last month I was SO excited. It would be the first time I really got to see the guys in the kitchen and at work. It was phenomenal. What a special night. I was blown away by the creativity and the level of detail that was gone into. I have no doubt that this little duo is going to go places.

Their business obviously involves whatever on-site catering you can think of. Corporate functions, weddings, private events, intimate dinners, you name it. Any event that requires a bespoke and tailored culinary experience – CHEFS is the way to go. I am already planning my wedding food and I haven’t even got the guy yet! ;) haha…



To contact CHEFS:
Karel: 076 223 4304
Reino: 078 718 1065
CHEFS on Facebook
CHEFS on Instagram



The Menu:

Seared tuna with pea puree, salted potato foam, chilli jam, soy and lemon caviar served with fennel chips.

Roasted beets, beetroot & coconut ice cream, parmesan custard and black pepper tuille with herbed yoghurt served with dukkha and lemon oil.

Gucci Martini sorbet.

Roasted pork belly with sous-vide salted caramel apple puree, a sage & parmesan crumb, crackling, mustard aioli and potato fondants.

A chocolate table performance.






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