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October 2013

Chicken rice paper wraps

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So despite most of my life swearing on my future childrens lives that hippy – pure – “paleo” – unprocessed eating plans are just ridiculous and really not that life changing I am finding myself eating my words (pun intended). After going gluten free for the past 4 months, except for the couple of weekend cheat meals and birthday whatevers every now and then, my life really has changed. I am not snotty and sick all the time, I hardly ever have a tummy ache (except for when I cheat, so that serves me right) and I generally have more energy and a better attitude all round. Now let me just say, if you aren’t intolerant, like I clearly am, and you notice no differences either way then by all means eat all the ciabatta and pizza and pasta and cake and mmhmmm.. what was I saying? Oh yes! I am not an advocate because I am anti man-made or man processed for any hippy social type reasons, it just really changed the way my body functions.

Unfortunately for me I have realised that dairy has a similar effect, and processed sugars. Sugar gives me a migrane from the depths of mordor and dairy makes me sluggish and snotty and makes my skin breakout like I am back in grade 8 at highschool struggling to stay awake during accounting. So in the future, for any one who is lactose intolerant or anything like that I am hoping to be posting some interesting and delicious gluten free AND dairy free recipes. Yay.

Here comes the first.

— Recipe —


3 chicken breasts
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp paprika
2 tbsp soya sauce
grated carrot
grated beetroot
some salad leaves of your choice
mayonaise (I don’t include eggs in the dairy category)
salt and pepper
rice paper wraps

Soak the plastic like rice paper wraps in a plate of water for about a minute until they soften, then set aside.
Cut up the chicken into small pieces, fry in the olive oil, adding lemon, paprika and soya sauce as they chicken begins to brown.
Assemble your wrap with whatever combination of the above listed ingredients work for you. I like mine when the chicken is still warm, and I leave the wraps to stand for about 20 minutes before eating them because the rice paper is a bit gooey if you eat it too soon after soaking.

Happy eating.



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