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May 2016

Free Food // JHB

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Last time I posted about the vegan / veggie restaurants in Joburg I was complaining about the lack of vegan-friendly spots and being limited to the three all-time favourites: Leafy Greens, Conscious 108 & The Green Side Cafe. Then Fransu commented on the post with the suggestion to try out Free Food… 

NO IDEA why I had never heard of this place before. Maybe cause I am still kinda new to the veggie scene. Anyway, it was fantastic. EVERYTHING is gluten-free. One of my struggles since limiting my meat intake has been finding restaurants and dishes that are vegan, but ALSO gluten-free and (refined) sugar-free. Love that the Free Food menu is entirely ‘clean’.

I went with my friend Bernard from A to Vegan and we just asked Ariel to surprise us with two of the dishes so we could go halvies (obviously to avoid my intense menu envy and food FOMO). He brought us one of the pastas with vegan meatballs, and the tofu scramble wrap. I don’t usually go for tofu.. but damn that wrap. DAMN. So good. The pasta was less impressive, needed a dash of salt, but the ‘meatballs’ in it were AMAZING. 

Then another honourable mention: BEST VEGAN MILKSHAKES IN TOWN. For sure. Hands down. 

There are a couple things to note before going there – it’s one big communal table. It might be a little strange at first, but it’s actually a really cool way of eating. We met a really friendly guy there and had some interesting conversations surrounding us. It is MUCH smaller than their Facebook page or website comes across, so don’t go there with like 15 people ;) haha. Otherwise it’s a really intimate, personal space. Ariel has pics from kids (assuming his own.. maybe cutsomers?? Shoulda asked) on the one wall and he is such a genuinely sweet guy. They also have a freezer full of take-away meals and stuff and things, which is great. My only sadness here is that I didn’t discover this place when I was working in Houghton. Now it’s juuusssttt a little bit too far to “pop in”. 


You can find them in Birnam: Shop 5, Delta Rd, Johannesburg, 2196 // Call: their website





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