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February 2014

Friday Faves // 01

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As you all probably realise, and probably are yourselves, I am an AVID pinner. I sit on Pinterest when I go to bed at night and pin stuff to the point where I realise I am trying to re-pin things I pinned earlier that day… THAT is how obsessed I am.

Some could say it is a bit of a problem.
But I do not care for such people.

So I decided, that Friday’s on Whisking It should be a Pinterest-recipe-round-up (pinterecipe! – corny puns are my jam) called “Friday Faves” :D
I am gonna pick one of my favouritest sweet, savoury, health, gluten free and paleo recipes from the week. Bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.


One thing I have noticed following the paleo eating plan… I crave the weirdest things. I never used to have a sweet tooth, but nowadays all I can think about is chocolate, nutella, cakes, waffles, brownies, flapjacks, mousse, macarons – I swear to the good lord of all things sweet, I had a DREAM about macarons last night, I was working (as a designer) with all my current colleagues at my same company, but for some unknown and very torturous reason we were working in a patisserie that specialised in making macarons…. OMG. I woke up DYING for something sweet.
But above ALL else, the thing my mind always always always comes back to these days is donuts.

Goodness gracious it is intense.

So I thought it would be fitting that the Pinterecipe for SWEET STUFF – that I can only dream abotu eating – should be donuts. This is one of my pins from earlier this week, and it looks toooooo delicious and so fantastically colourful – who wouldnt wanna eat something so luminous! (well those health conscious peeps out there – dont worry, read on. Just keep scrolling…)

Cooking Classy‘s uber PINK Baked Vanilla Bean Donuts

All that VANILLA!!!


I freaking love stuff baked in skillets. It is a major trend I am seeing everywhere… if only I could afford to buy myself a cast iron skillet so I could start oven baking skillet cookies and corn bread … like this one…. which looks AMAZING. Triple baked, cheesy, peppers, cream cheese!!! My mouth is watering as I type. Need to eat something asap.

Triple Bake Cornbread by The Moonblush Baker


So, my healthy recipe choice is gonna be something that isnt necessarily paleo/gluten free (but might be both co-incidentally) – but is just obviously centred around a healthier lifestyle. So it might include grains or gluten, dairy or the likes but for those non-paleo-ers and people who arent allergic to all things good and delicious (like me) then this is the perfect place to find a recipe that inspires a “pro-life” kitchen :)

This week…. behold…

Roasted Broccoli, Kale and Chickpeas with Ricotta. The original recipe is from Sarah Copeland‘s book “Feast” but I got the pictures from a wonderful blog called Sunday Suppers.


Gluten/wheat intolerance is a growing realisation in todays society. Especially in women – more and more people are finding that their bodies reject it. I am massively disappointed in my in-efficient system because I freaking LOVE bread.. and PASTA. Growing up in an Italian household we ate pasta almost every day, and always had bread with our meals no matter what dish it was. However, unfortunately even when I am not paleo-ing it up I still have to cut out dishes with gluten in 90% of the time. So this one is for people in the same boat :)

Halfbaked Harvest is one of my go-to blogs. LOVE love love the recipes on there… And this Kale & Wild Rice casserole is on my list of gluten-free-future-non-paleo-eating-days. Once again, I am realising I need to eat something soon or I am gonna start drooling on my screen.


So paleo is hard. As I keep whining about. But you do get used to it, and you also get super creative after a while. Picking one recipe for this section was actually super difficult – probably cause I can actually eat all of these so I am half trying to choose the one I want to make over the weekend and half trying to choose the best pin of the week… which are surprisingly conflicting!

I went with a sweet recipe to end of today’s round up for some balance! So this is for you guys who love to cook, bake or just eat (so everyone) and are dying for some inspiration in the paleo eating lifestyle, give it a try over the weekend!

Blueberry, Pumpkin Muffin Breakfast Bars by PaleOMG
(PaleoOMG by the way – great site for paleo recipes!)

 Happy Friday everyone – thats it for the first ever Friday Faves! :)

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