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March 2014

Friday Faves // 02

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It’s already time for the second Friday Faves! Can’t believe how this week has flown by! This time I got smart – decided to eat something before I posted this so I didn’t end up with saliva all over my keyboard…. ;) So here is my list of favourite Pinterest recipe pins from the past week!


This whole new vibe of using “box” cakes/brownies/cookies/cupcakes as a part of your recipe flavour is the BEST IDEA EVER. Cause no matter what I have tried I can’t mimick that sweet delicious cake/cookie/vanilla/sugar flavour that the box recipes end up with… so using the box as a part of a new original recipe is seriously gonna change my life. (that is when, if ever, I can actually make something that has flour and sugar in it.. *sigh of sadness*)

So Wine & Glue has this funfetti cake batter cheesecake recipe. Which combines two fantastically awesome things – cheesecake and cake batter. Although, this one actually doesnt use for reals box cake batter but carries this cake batter tasting principle. yummmmmmm.


This week – this pin kept catching my eye every time someone pinned it (and it was one of those ridiculous situations where I tried to repin the same thing over and over again cause I kept seeing it and thinking “holy moly I wanna eat that!!”… then realised that I did the exact same thing 4 hours before when I pinned it the first time)

All the way from New Zealand’s From the Kitchen – it’s Thyme for Mushroom, Roast red onion and blue cheese tarts. I love a good tart. Take that as you will.


Hummus. I should stop saying “that’s my jam” and start saying “that’s my hummus”. No Lexi, what the eff. You are taking corny too far.

A Better Happier St Sebastian’s delicious looking Sweet Potato Hummus.


This one comes from the ever favourite Pretty Blog. One day I WILL WIN A KITCHENAID from them ;) – just a note on the recipe, they say use flour for dusting, obviously sub this for a gluten free flour to make this 100% gluten free.

The Prettiest Herby Polenta Fries Ever:


Not gonna bitch about Paleo this week (can you believe it!!!) just gonna say that these blondies look like they should be in my face right this moment right now. (ok maybe I am a little hungry..)

Family Fresh Cooking (Another great great great source for healthy recipes) and Marla Meridith’s Paleo Cherry Blondies.

Happy Weekend People!

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