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April 2014

Friday Faves // 04

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Hooray for another long weekend right?? No. Yes. No. Too. Much. Work. Not. Enough. Time. These public holidays every second day are so super awesome for my chilled-weekend-ready-no-work-lazy-ass-Lexi-side but for the part of me that is actually like want-to-further-my-career-need-to-get-stuff-done-omg-work-work-work side I wish that there were no freaking holidays. I feel like my blood has smoked some crack or something and is trying to bubble its way out of my body.

Anyway enough about my crazy stress levels. On a brighter, happier, funner note I have found a bunch of too-delish-to-miss recipes from Pinterest this week :) Have a squizz, maybe you’ll find one you want to try over the weekend! You are going to notice that my taste this week is very …. wintery and warm, cosy and comforting and just all round delicious. And generally all on the sweeter side of life. I am in need of comfort food this week.


I may have mentioned my friend Micaela and her Nutella addiction before – I always used to be a bit confused by it, never understood the attraction to eating that chocolatey hazelnut goodness out of the jar or smothering it all over everything within arms reach… but ever since I went Paleo, Nutella seems like the chocolate nectar of the gods. For real. So this recipe is Nutella centred AND its freaking donuts – my next favourite thing. (Feel like I say every second thing is my favourite thing… BUT I have a lot of love to share with all of these different food items so its ok ;) )

This comes from the Whisketeers blog (similar name to mine – great minds.) and it is their fantastic looking Donuts with Nutella. YUM.


Waffles. Lets just think about them for a moment… Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, drizzled with some sticky honey/syrup concoction… Perfect breakfast. Cause you know, breakfast is my favourite thing ;)

The Gouda Life brings us these savoury waffles of goodness. Kale and Romano Ricotta Waffles with Cayenne Pepper Honey – can you say BEST BREAKFAST EVER??


Another winter breakfast plan. Cause breakfast is the best.

Green Kitchen Stories made this Baked Carrotcake Oatmeal. Carrot cake.. mmm.


This one comes from Tanya Zouev (wonderful food photographer bt-dubs) and they are Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Butter and Sea salt.  Cause who doesn’t wanna eat all of the cookies on a cold winter afternoon?


Anja’s Food For Thought – wonderful little paleo-friendly blog which I love brings us a Carrot Coconut Breakfast Loaf (breakfast AGAIN – cause why? cause its my favourite.)


For all who are ready for a guilt-free-stress-less weekend, ENJOY! For all who are gonna panic the entire weekend about what they should be/could be doing at work lets just keep calm and drink wine. And eat breakfast. Maybe not at the same time.


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