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May 2014

Friday Faves // 05

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Here we are on another Friday afternoon! My how time flies. Never used to believe those old folk that said it all whizzes past in the blink of an eye. Yet here we are almost half way through another year, coming up to another birthday, another Christmas, then another year starts all over again.. eek. I am terribly afraid of getting old. TERRIBLY. I think I would be really bad at it. I already have trouble seeing without my glasses, or remembering to take my meds or where I put my keys… Nevermind the back aches and knee problems that have already started.. I am gonna be a real handful when I am old.

Anyway getting a bit off point here! Where was I !? Friday! yes! Hello Friday! Its another day for favourites! Here’s what was caught in the Pinterest web this week: (that was a rather complicated attempt at a joke – web-internet-spiderweb-caught… I dont know?) >.<


This is apparently the cake to top all other cakes. It is a meringue, cream, sponge, vanilla, almond epic tower of layered goodness. Originally from the Sweet Paul Eat & Make book – this cake is (I assume) appropriately named “The Worlds Best Cake” – and this version comes from Bakers Royale.


This week’s savoury selection is actually a vegan recipe! All foodie/vegan/meat eater/paleo/primal/vegetarian/pescetarian/fruitarian arguments aside I think that anyone, anywhere, with any eating philosophy couldn’t say no to these guys (well maybe the fruitarians).

Vegan Richa brings us these BBQ Lentil Veggie Burgers with mango & carrot slaw.



In the healthy corner we have a winter warmer soup recipe. Cause let me tell you, I am gonna eat ALL the soup this winter. Already started with my collection of recipes I plan on trying… cauliflower soup, broccoli soup, butternut, veggie, pea soup… mmmmmhmmm.

But today we have a Lemon Yoghurt Soup with lentils, brown rice and herbs from the Australian orientated Gourmet Traveller.



This recipes seems a tad on the summery side for this time of year here in SA, but for the days that are less freezing or as a side dish to a Autumn evening braai or something this gluten free dish looks toooooo goooood. Its from the Gluten Free Godess and it is: Red quinoa with butternut squash, cranberries and pecan nuts!



This recipe is so super simple and so totally tasty (alliteration yayaya) AND it can be eaten as a dessert OR as breakfast! So for those paleo-ers who cant do eggs every day or are not able to whip up pancakes at 5:55am before work on your average Thursday then this is for you! And, you can literally add whatever you can think of to change the flavour (obviously whatever paleo things you can think of, otherwise we are defeating the point here) – try a teaspoon of cocoa, or a sprinkle of cinnamon, add some almonds or goji berries… the possibilities are endless!

Say Yes3 ingredient chia pudding.



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