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February 2015

Friday Faves // 06

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FRIDAY FAVES ARE BACK!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have missed posting my favourite pins of the week, it’s just so fun staring at mouth-watering-sticky-sweet-delicious-salty-healthy-whatevery foodie pics on a Friday afternoon! So I will be making a concerted effort to post weekly re-capping my best pins from Pinterest from the previous week. Cause. You know. My pass time between 9:15 and 9:30pm to wind down before sleepy time is to pin the heck out of my Pinterest feed – till the point that my phone is scaldingly hot and my face has a screen-tan. It’s a thing. I swear.

Anyway – to recap, this is not a paleo / health post, this is an anything and everything delicious post. I put up something sweet; something savoury; something gluten-free; healthy (which is neither paleo nor gluten-free necessarily but health orientated) and, of course, something paleo! :) Enjoy…


I always start with the sweet stuff. My sweet tooth is generally pretty dormant, but when it stirs… the craving is volcanic. And let me tell you there is NOTHING I love more than a good crème brûlée. GOOD GRACIOUS. Unfortunately, since I can’t intake any dairy without clogging up all snot-nosed and stuffy, getting a major headache and an upset tummy.. well.. no crème brûlée for me. However – I recommend LOTS of crème brûlée for YOU!!! *jealous* This recipe (in case you hadn’t picked up by now) is for an ENTIRE TART. A whole tart’s worth of the creamy, delicious, vanilla goodness. The site – Chili & Tonka – is Polish, but that’s what Google translate is for! :) Check out the crème brûlée tart here.



Lasagne is the bestest kind of Italian food in the world. Maybe the bestest kind of any food in the world. This one is a vegetarian Spring Vegetable Lasagne, and it looks DELICIOUS. Make it. If you are so inclined. Thanks Hortus Cuisine :)



Half Baked Harvest is one of my favourite blogs. There is a clear slant towards healthier choices, and so much variety in their recipes. Just LOVE. Today I’m linking you to their Simple Summertime Basil Chicken Curry with Coconut Ginger-Lime Rice recipe. It looks so good. And for an even healthier choice – have it with Wild Rice or Quinoa!



I find with going gluten-free one of the bigger obstacles is to have a nice variety in your breakfast. This is to help you mix it up :) Kenko Kitchen brings you Ginger & Date Crunchy GF Granola!



Since I last posted Friday Faves it seems that the Paleo craze has exploded even further. The recipes around these days are just mind-blowing. There is so much to choose from, and so many options to replace sweet things and favourite meals.. it’s really awesome!! As I have mentioned before, I don’t follow Paleo 100%, but I am still a pretty dedicated ambassador for the principles. This recipe is one to replace your regular weekend treat (DONUTS) with a healthier option. The Roost blog (beauuuuuuutiful pics) makes Cinnamon Roll, Almond Flour Donuts. To. Die. For.


And that’s a wrap for today!! 
Happy Friday! ^_^


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