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February 2015

Friday Faves // 07

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TGIF. Am I right? AND it’s Valentines Day weekend!! Who’s got some corny-lovey-dovey-cutey-pie plans for Saturday? ME! That’s who. Heading to Duke’s Burgers in Greenside – cause not only do they have the best burgers in town (next to Wolfpack and Rocomamas… I have a burger problem okay) they ALSO have gluten-free buns, sweet potato wedges and the best salads in town! So easy to have a clean-ish cheat meal there!! I AM SO EXCITED I COULD PEE. I won’t though … that would be very embarrassing. Hope that you all have equally delicious plans with a significant other, or friends, or just your-awesome-self! ;) Anyway.. on to the Pinterest recipe round of for this glorious Friday!


The Polish seem to have the sweet stuff down lately – this week my favourite pin is also from a Polish website! Gotuje Bo Lubi makes Dark Choc Pistachio CRONUTS. Seriously, ain’t nothing better than a donut. Oh, no wait… a croissant. OH HECK – let’s combine them. Who ever thought of this recipe is forever my hero.


90% of the time I am 100% cool with not being able to have any dairy. Except when I see pics like this. For recipes like this. ALL OF THE CHEESE. *sigh. If you are banting though, this recipe is right up your alley! It’s high protein, low carb and definitely all kinds of high fat! ;) Recipe Runner’s Skillet Meatballs in Marinara Sauce



Joy the Baker might be one of my favourite food bloggers of all time. In fact, I dare to say that it was her blog that inspired me to actually start one of my own!! And her beautiful pics that taught me a thing or two about how to make food (which is generally pretty un-photogenic) look so fantastic! So this week’s healthy recipe is a massive shout-out to the best ever Joy. Thanks for your delicious looking Roasted Cauliflower, Beet & Farro salad!



I think that Risotto is one of my all-time favourite dishes. I mean, being brought up in an Italian house most definitely has had an affect on my tastes… but my love relationship with Risotto….. it’s definitely more than that. It is also a gluten-free dish so when I want a “cheat” that isn’t too bad, this is my go-to. LOVE. Just love. (So much love going around today! Must be the Valentines Day Air ;) ) Our Food Stories makes Beetroot Risotto with Mushrooms.



This week’s Paleo dish is perfect for this hectic summer heat… Great side dish for your weekend braai, or an accompaniment for a quick weeknight dinner! Renee Kemps brings us a Summer Salad with Beets, Carrots, Fennel & Blood Orange.


Have the bestest ever Friday.

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