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March 2015

Friday Faves // More S’mores please

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So. Camping. Fires. Braai-time. Whatever your setting – Marshmallows, Cadbury’s and Marie biscuits. S’mores. Not that we ever called them S’mores – that’s definitely an American thing, I don’t even know what we called them – roasted marshmallows squashed in delicious chocolatey biscuity-ness? Does anyone remember what the South African name was?? Anyway. Imagine THAT, but in a cake……….. RIGHT????? It is like the most delux, double-decadent, over-loaded, delicious, ridiculous cake I have EVER seen. And I want to eat it. Alana Bread made a S’MORES CAKE!!!!!



Remember the good old days? When you were like 15 and you could eat whatever you wanted without having a sore tummy, worrying about your health and/or weight? Those were the days. Coco Pops AND cheese on toast AND a cup of Milo AND Tennis biscuits for breakfast?! I honestly don’t know how I am actually still alive with the amount of sh** that I ate – my stomach should have caved in years ago. Anyhoo. ONE thing that I still crave, that I miss on a regular basis (why do I feel like I say that all the time about almost everything??) is GRILLED CHEESE. It’s so simple. But SO DELICIOUS. When I was Au Pairing in University the kids taught me the “real” way to make a toasted cheese – in the pan. Imagine my embarrassment having an 11 year old telling me that using a snackwich maker was wrong… But they were right! So right. That or on the braai (braai-broodjie style) is the only way to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. So this week’s savoury, in all its dairy-wheat and unhealthy goodness (badness?) is a glorified grilled cheese. How Sweet Eats makes a Sourdough grilled cheese with roasted poblanos, smoked cheddar and curried brown butter.



This recipe is healthy AND vegan! It also contains SO many of my favourite things! Like chickpeas, butternut and quinoa! YUM. Dolly & Oatmeal makes a Spicy Chickpea Stew with Quinoa Pilaf.



For anyone living somewhere in the world where there is a Momofuku milk bar – YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET. When we were in New York we went there a couple times. And although I didn’t drink the Cereal Milk milkshakes which apparently are to-die-for, I did have their gluten-free cookies a couple times, and THOSE were also to-die-for. And guess what! Someone has copied them. SO DOING THIS. ASAP. If anyone reading is going to the New York or Toronto soon – GO. Just go. Momfuku Milk Bar. Do it. Otherwise – make these. Gluten Free on a Shoestring made Momofuku Style Gluten Free Choc Chip Marshmallow Cookies. Eff. I wish I already made these so I could eat them right now. 



So Cauli-mash is all the rage right. Cause of paleo and banting and Tim Noakes. But I am gonna be real with you – I am NOT A FAN. It’s gross. It tastes like watery yukky veggie stuff that you are forced to eat as a child….. But I also know that sweet potato mash is kind of high carb and I usually need to eat a buckets worth before I am full. So this recipe is the perfect marriage! This recipe includes a “milk of your choice” – so go with whatever dairy alternative you like – and then it includes some Greek yoghurt, which I would just omit. But for the banters – this one’s right up your alley! The Fit Fork makes the perfect side – Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Mash.



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