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February 2016

Getting Back on the Wagon / 60-Day Challenge

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I am going to be dead honest here and tell you all that my wagon has already ridden off into the sunset, that’s how long ago I fell off. Not all in one go, of course. I threw off parts of my cargo bit by bit over the past few months until I had nothing left but myself to throw off into the abyss of eating badly and skipping training so many days in a row that you can’t claim to even “train” anymore.

There is always an excuse. And believe me, I have many, or so I like to protest. I switched jobs (went freelance), tore a ligament, love-life problems, real-life problems, thug-life problems… (kidding on that last one, lol). If it weren’t for my current long list of seemingly plausible excuses, then there would be another long list. No time, kids are tough, work is hectic, relationships are taking strain, too broke for a gym contract, injured, sick, sad, too fat, too skinny, LET’S JUST GIVE UP.

No guys. Come on. This is your life. This is MY life and I can not believe how slack I have become. It’s all relative to your own progress I suppose, I know my partner-in-crime and general-life-motivation-cause-she-is-super-amazing-person ~ Kyla (runs Whisking It from the better city, Cape Town) ~ has different struggles to me. She is far further ahead in terms of consistency and discipline with clean eating and training etc. But even she has her rough times. Current experience of rough times for both me and her on a scale of 1 – 10 has probably been a steady 13. But then again, it’s all relative. Her rough time means training maybe 1 – 2 times a week instead of 4 – 5. Mine means zero training and eating 6 Krispy Kremes in one sitting ‘cause I feel radically sorry for myself. Ha.

It’s time to get back on the wagon. No more excuses.

I weighed in last night at a whopping 63.2kg. I was FLOORED. This is the heaviest I have been since my really fat spell in 2012. My goal weight should be 54kg for my height and BMI range etc etc. I doubt I can get to 54 in 60 days, so I have set my 60 day goal at 57kg. Once 60 days is up I’ll implement the second phase of my plan and re-evaluate my goal weight. Besides we all know it’s not really about the number, but about how you feel and how your clothes fit and so on.

My Goals:

In terms of training:
I have set myself a 60 day programme to start with using Shaun T’s Insanity video series in combination with arm rehab exercises and a ton of cardio. Insanity is a 30-minute-at-home workout, which means that technically I can train twice a day without dedicating too much time out of my work/real-life schedule. You don’t need to train twice a day, or even every day. Set yourself a goal, anything that is a step forward or up from where you are now. Maybe you are already eating pretty clean and training 3 – 5 times a week. Then maybe you need to re-evaluate your own relativity and set new goals – try cutting out more red meat or going 100% sugar free. Focus on your own progress, no one else’s, and start taking the small (or bigger) steps towards bettering yourself.

In terms of eating:
I am going 21 days sugar free, with the exception of March 17th (I am going to CUBE Tasting Kitchen for dinner and there ain’t no way I am gonna manage to be on plan that evening). And hopefully I can sustain that (with the exception of limited wine, *cough* let’s not go to extremes now) for the entire 60 days. No grains or refined carbs at night, with limited veggie carbs after 5pm. I’ll be limiting fruits to breakfast smoothies and trying to keep my portion sizes slightly smaller than usual… I tend to eat a lot.

So let’s see, according to my ma

I’ll check in every 2 weeks with my progress on my 60-day challenge. Even if this isn’t super helpful to anyone out there, it’s a way to force myself to be accountable, so it’s gonna (hopefully) be super helpful to me

So hopefully this inspires some of you to get back on the wagon. Baby steps and accountability ~ it works. Force yourself to have to check in with someone and just keep moving forward.

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