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February 2013

Great ideas for lunch at work!

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So my friend and I have a great thing going at the office. We go get some groceries and make some seriously delicious lunches in our tiny work kitchen. It ends up being way cheaper than buying food and you get some healthy and super yum dishes out of it.

You will need a couple basics from the shops:

feta (we got the parmesan infused one, SO good)
a bag of mixed salad leaves – maybe go for one with rocket & baby spinach, it adds some nice flavours
butternut (a bag of ready chopped pieces is easiest)
cheese (we got a block of white cheddar)
lemon juice
salt & pepper

And, your office needs to have a microwave and a toaster for these to all work for you.

Check out the “recipes” below.


 000 // Breakfast:

I had a mix of 2 fruits with some plain yoghurt and either Al Bran Flakes or granola with a dash of honey… Its yum AND healthy.

001 // Poached egg & Asparagus on toast

To poach an egg in the microwave is way more difficult than it seems, it took us 3 tries before we got it. You have to fill a mug half way with hot water, then carefully break your egg into it, and before you microwave it prick the yolk with a fork. Be gentle, you dont want your yolk running out all over the place. Microwave it for about 3 minutes… depends on your microwave really. It will be ready when you can easily lift it out with a spoon.

For the asparagus, cover it with lemon juice and salt & pepper and microwave for about 2 minutes.

The rest is up to you! I put some mayo, sliced tomato and feta in the final dish. It was awesome.

002 // Butternut, mixed leaf couscous salad

For 2 people, put just over a cup of couscous into a bowl, then make a cup of black rooibos and pour that over the couscous so that it is just covered in the tea, cover with a plate and leave to cook for 5-10 minutes.

For the butternut, put your pieces in a bowl/plate and pour a bit of water in just so there is a layer at the bottom of the dish. Microwave for 8 – 10 minutes.

Toss your butternut & couscous when they are both cooked, add some salad leaves and feta, sprinkle with lemon juice, coriander and salt & pepper and lunch is served!

This is one of my favourites. A great alternate is getting some chick peas and substituting the butternut with them, or if you have some pine nuts throw them in there… Whatever flavours you can think of!

003 // A gourmet sandwich

The trick to making samies at work is to go to town. Add everything! In the end ours had salami, some slices of white cheddar, tomato, salad leaves, feta, lemon juice and a bit of mayo! And they were great.

You should do the same with tuna, or ham or pastrami or whatever. The trick is to be adventurous.

004 // Spruce up your leftovers

Having leftovers is great, but usually its a heavy supper meal, like pasta or rice. If thats the case adding a side salad for your lunch is a great idea. It lightens the meal despite filling you up more!

For this one we just made a super simple leafy green salad with tomato, coriander and feta. A bit of lemon juice and salt & pepper and it was perfect.

 005 // Cheat baked potato

This is one of the best work meals. I know a lot of people already make baked potato in the microwave but they dont always know what to add to it.

So you cook the potato like the butternut – little bit of water at the bottom of your dish and microwave for 5 – 8 minutes.

Some great accompaniments are: asparagus, sour cream, grated cheese, butter, salt & pepper, rocket… the list goes on (but its Tuesday night and my brain is tired).
We used the last of our asparagus, cooked the same as before, added some cheddar, tomatoes and coriander. I also made a version of tzatziki except without any of the ingredients that tzatziki has – so not really tzatziki at all. I mixed some plain yoghurt with lemon juice, coriander and a small spoon of mayo. We also drizzled the left over lemon juice from cooking the asparagus.

Not as amazing as oven baked potato with fried bacon and what not but for a lunch made in an office kitchen it was pretty great.

Hope that this helps with ideas for what to eat at work!

Happy cooking.

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