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January 2013

Hello World

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Greetings from the great Johannesburg! For my first ever post, I thought I should just introduce myself.
So! As you may have picked up, this blog is a foodie/cooking blog (but it is possible that I may get distracted and end up posting all sorts of other things as well). I love to cook, and hate following a recipe. This method of “risking it” has resulted in some delish dishes so, I thought, despite my distaste for recipes I would post a few ideas and guidelines that work, the attempts that don’t and whatever kitchen related thoughts come to mind. 

I have tried a number of times to start some kind of blog. But sadly, in the past I have always preferred watching series and movies where other people win at things than actually getting out there and doing it myself. I am inherently pretty lazy. But this year, this new year I have decided (cliched as it is) to resolve to be better. To do more. To be more. To win at things. 

So lets see what I’ve got shall we?

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