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May 2017

Homefarm – The future of our kitchens?

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I was going to start off this post with an apology about how slack and quiet it has been around Whisking It – but instead let me rather just say that things are happening behind the scenes – SO MANY THINGS – and so we are a bit distracted and gettin’ busy with lotsa cool stuff.

On that note, let’s get to the point. I went to a TECH launch the other day! Can you believe? ME! Hahaha! No but really it’s not just any tech. It’s kitchen tech. Grow-your-own-stuff tech. The kind of tech I actually (should) care about.

Basically these guys have created a sort-of hydroponic small crop growing system. Their journey started a few years ago, in pursuit of a solution for some of the issues surrounding the modern food supply chain – food security and food costs especially. So far they have a working prototype that I saw in person at the launch which had basil, parsley and some microgreens growing in there which was super cool.

The broader concept is a modular, stackable unit that fits onto your kitchen counter or underneath (where a washing machine could go) and you could, in theory, grow an entire crop of herbs and leafy greens in your own home. Long term it is incredibly cost effective and convenient – especially for people who don’t have a garden or balcony. I would love to see (and hope this comes into being) a model that demonstrates growth of actual veggies – I think that is going to be the game changer for most people long term. Obviously everyone loves having herbs and greens, but if you could grow carrots, potatoes or other staple veggies inside a small unit inside your own home then we are really winning the game.

I love that this product actively supports the sustainability movement that most plant-based eaters are aware of and support in whichever way they can. Go veggies!

So the deal here is that Homefarm needs YOU (and me and everyone) to contribute to their Indiegogo campaign which is a crowdfunding platform raising the funds they need to take this product to the next level. I have made a small donation, and if you feel passionate about this project then I believe you should too! You can find the information and contribution options here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/homefarm-the-ultimate-in-home-cultivation-food-cooking#/

I am going to be meeting the guys at their studio during the course of next week to taste some more of the microherbs and take some cool pics and find out some more info! Keep you posted xx

Here’s a pic of me eating microherbs. Lol.
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.49.40 PMHomefarm1
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.48.52 PM

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