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April 2016

JHB // Conscious108

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There are literally 3 (decent) fully vegan restaurants in Joburg. Leafy Greens, The Green Side Cafe and Conscious 108. If you know of any others please do let me know… And I don’t mean the semi-vegan, mostly vegetarian, hardly gluten-free spots like The Pudding Shop. Sorry to say, but finding a fresh, gluten-free vegan dish on that menu is quite a challenge. Oh, if you have suggestions – I am ALL EARS. I am finding more and more that the very processed gluten-free foods don’t really work for me and stuff that is just fresh and REAL is the way forward. 



Conscious 108 recently came under new management. Dharsh, the woman running it now is LOVELY, and I have noticed a radical change in service, quality of food and some key menu changes. She is far more “real-food” orientated and is slowly moving away from the unclean and more processed menu items towards just clean, fresh and delicious food. 

I have eaten there more times than I can count over the past month or two. Stopping in for a quick lunch or dinner.. (or a slow lunch or dinner :) …haha), takeaways or just a juice. The car guard there now knows my little black Panda and always comes to check-in and say hi, even though he knows I never, ever, ever have change for the poor guy. Still, super friendly :)

Anyway, ok, so as I was saying. The lack of vegan restaurants in the area does mean that the competition is a little thin. But Conscious 108 is one of my go-to spots – vegan or not. The food is just great. The portion sizes are perfect (even for me and my army-sized appetite) and the variety is also pretty awesome. I think they need to work on their gluten-free desserts a bit more, but I know Dharsh is already on it, and she had a vegan, gluten-free cheesecake that was TO-DIE-FOR last time I was there. So the mains. I have tried quite a few. I haven’t tried any of the wraps yet – waiting for them to get gluten free ones in. Mainly the “Bakes & Bowls” section of the menu – ’cause… wait for it…. BOWLS ARE THE BEST! hahaha. Ok I’ll stop with the bowls already.

Couple of my favourites:
NUMBER ONE: Feel Good Bowl ~ Quinoa, brinjal, butternut, cashew nut cream, and spicy chickpeas…. Mmm.
Number two: The Butter Bean Bunny Chow (but with brown rice instead of bread)
Also noteworthy – the Lentil Sheperds Pie and the Red Lentil Stew (this is seriously enough for two people, it’s so great)

They are experimenting with breakfast at the moment – so THAT is exciting :) and they are open Wednesday through Sunday I believe.

SO head over there – in fact THIS SUNDAY – 3rd April – I know they have some live music happening between 1pm & 2pm.

You can find them on Facebook or contact them on 011 646 7250.
http://conscious108.co.za ~ 108 Greenway, Johannesburg

PS: The chocolate milkshake ^_^ it’s not “healthy” at all. But if you want a milkshake this is the one.











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