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May 2015


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Can’t believe I haven’t posted on CRAFT yet. It is by far my favourite restaurant at the moment. Obviously we don’t eat out ALL the time, in fact it’s quite few and far between, but when we do Craft is almost always top of my list. AND they have just introduced a new menu!! Which has even more healthy / paleo friendly options!!

The service is pretty awesome, HUGE menu to choose from (healthy and not-so-much…) delicious wine list and the BEST milkshakes (the last time I had one was pre-dairy-free and I chose the Ferrero Rocher one and it was LIFE-CHANGINGLY good. My mouth waters as I type this). My usual go-to is the Olive Meatballs on Sweet Potato Mash – SO SO SO GOOD. And totally affordable!! Craft is one of the fewer restaurants in Joburg where you can get a decent sized main meal for less than R100. Don’t get me wrong there ARE many options for just above R100 too, but if you are a teensy bit strapped for cash, like I am most months, then there are tons of delicious cheaper options!

So, back to my menu favourites… Olive Meatballs. Yes. The Craft Burger (order without the bun) is also THE BEST. Competing with the likes of Dukes and Wolfpack is quite a task but Craft is holding their own pretty darn well. BUT NOW. The new menu. OMG. Can’t even explain my excitement. There is a burger, with a cauliflower rosti “bun”. HAVE YOU EVER?? It was deeeeevine!! Served with spicy pineapple coulis, red onion, avo and sweet potato fries (BEST EVER) it seriously doesn’t give you the “missing out on carbs” feeling that some paleo-friendly meals give you…. My next menu item to try is the Black Bean & Quinoa burger… mmmm… and also the Fillet Picanha! The Roasted Root Veg salad is also amazing, and the Less-the-Bread Chicpea burger, I have heard all the pizzas are great, as well as the Ribs, Mini Sliders and.. erm… everything else?

Been meaning to go for breakfast to try out the quinoa porridge. But something alwayyysss comes up before I get the chance. The other day I had actually just parked and the damn power went out, so ended up at Melissa’s for breakfast looking sadly & longingly across the street. One day soon though. I will eat all the porridge.

You can find Craft on Zomato, or just pop by – they are 33 4th Avenue, Parkhurst. Contact: 087 550 4045



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