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March 2015

JHB // Delta Cafe

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The other day we were being load-shedded from 6 – 10am on a Saturday morning… Which, to be fair, is the best possible time for load-shedding cause it’s still light and if you have a gas stove you don’t even need to bother with any electrical devices. It kind of forces you to sit and talk to your significant other as opposed to both sitting behind a computer blogging and or gaming (which is exactly what is happening right now… haha). But some days, when you planned on having a really nice breakfast out together and your grid goes down (which means all cafe/restaurant/breakfast possibilities within a rough 20km radius are also down) it just really sucks. That’s what happened to us a couple weekends ago.

Luckily Eat Out has a list of all restaurants in Joburg that keep the lights on (and the food cooking even during load shedding!) So I went on my phone and checked the list, and low-and-behold there was one just down the road from us. Delta Cafe. So we decided to try it out. And it was AWESOME. It is right on the edge of Delta Park – perfect for people cycling, running, walking dogs or just lazing around the park for post-activity breakfast. It has this rustic farm-stall feel… In fact, I actually felt like I was in one of those Cape Town farm-market-stall-restuarants, like Noordhoek Farm Stall or something similar. So green… friendly people.. simple menu.

There’s no fancy pancy convoluted menu items, just the basics, but it was delicious and we will definitely go back. And I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area :) You can find them here on Facebook the number to call is 079 482 5286 and its at 20 Marlborough Road, Craighall.






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