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February 2015

JHB // Fourways Farmers Market

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YES I am a trendy little so-an-so for going to the Fourways Market on a Sunday and I loved it! Seriously, best food, best vibe, nice drinks, pretty environment. Couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Sunday. Oh. Except for the FIVE THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN PEOPLE THERE. Good gracious. I have never. I actually arrived at about 9:45 (would recommend arriving by 9:30 if you want to have a nice time in any manner or form). We managed to get a little set of haystacks to sit on, very easily actually, there were still seats and chairs all over around 10am. We ate our little gourmet vetkoek (yes. vetkoek for breakfast. there is no judgement here) and when we looked up (at like 10:11) IT WAS PACKED. Overrun. I tried to do a second round of the stalls and it was like cattle moving through their stalls on milking day. so… sigh. It’s actually quite sad. Cause it is lovely, it’s just so unbearably full. I honestly don’t know who can stand that kind of a crowd on a Sunday.


BUT for those who can – I took some pretty pics, and made notes of the best tasting, best looking, best everything stands – so take some time one Sunday and check it out!

If I do go back, I’ll be sure to arrive at 9:15 and just wait at the entrance or something. hahaha :) seriously though, if you manage to find a little sitting area/corner for you and some friends, food, drink and WAFFLES, it’s seriously the best way to spend a Sunday.

 Anyway. Some highlights for me were 

My favourite non-food stand was by far Ceramix. The ceramic stuff here was just beautiful. All very “forest animal” themed and pure white which I love, and really reasonably priced for such beautiful ceramic ware. If you are looking for a feature tray or serving dish, or even a little unique sugar bowl then go have a chat to Margaret at her stand!



As I mentioned before, the Vetkoek Cafe was a highlight – I know the owners (*cough and did all the branding *cough) so there may be a bit of bias here, but I highly recommend checking them out for anyone who loves a good oily doughy vetkoek with a bit of a unique spin :)


There is a gourmet boerie roll stand in the first aisle, those rolls look DELICIOUS. There’s something special about taking a traditional favourite and putting a bunch of non-traditional fancy pancy things with it. I didn’t eat one of those, but would have loved to – so try if if you can and let me know!


The crazy locals at Sumting (Sumting fresh?) the fun, loud and deep-fried chicken salad stand. I have had this meal a couple times – it’s not “healthy” so to speak cause it’s crumbed and deep-fried, but it’s healthi-ER than a lot of options at the market I guess… haha. Love the guys there – shouting orders and doing their little war-cry-type-work-chants. It’s an experience as well as a great meal!


For the really health conscious there are actually a couple legit options at the market. My go-to drinks spot is the Feed Me Green juice/smoothie bar. They do fresh juice and smoothie mixes that have all sorts of super food options to add and are generally just SUPER.



Another wellness orientated drinks spot was the Kombucha stand. They had fresh home-made kombucha for sale to take home, and it tasted pretty good – if you LIKE that kind of thing! Be careful if you have never tried it, it is pretty strong, it’s just incredibly good for your tummy and immune system so if you are willing to try something new – go for it! I recommend it 100%. Right next to the Kombucha stand was a stand that sells those bag thingies that you can slow cook food in, for the life of me I can’t remember the name, but it’s locally made and a really nifty, eco-friendly product which I think we should all support! :)


For the carb-conscious there were a couple of options.. The Health Treats stand had some low-carb-high-fat goodies, All About Health had some delicious gluten-free muesli, and there’s also Banter Bakes – which usually has some bread or muffins and a cake which is all banting / paleo friendly! There was also a Raw Honey stand – and I do looooove me some honey. Trying to love it less these days… Anyway. I didn’t get around to everyone, I didn’t get to chat to everyone I would have liked to and I definitely didn’t get around to trying all the treats I would have liked to. I will be back. And next time I intend to hang around all afternoon sipping on some grapefruit cocktail or the likes, with a slice of cake and a gourmet boerie roll on my lap.











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