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January 2017

JHB // Krunch

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This brother-sister duo is one to keep an eye on for sure. Kim and Daniel are growing their business super fast and I am so happy and excited to support that.

Good, wholesome, healthy food is hard to find. There are maybe one in ten restaurants in Joburg that you can rely on for decent, non-processed, sugar-free, clean food. Krunch is fortunately one of the few. And the GREAT news is that they are expanding! “A few years ago, it was pretty impossible to get healthy, fresh food while on the go. Krunch’s goal has always been to provide consumers with a nourishing fast-food option – food that is exciting and full of flavour.” – Daniel Brouze. The first outlet launched in March 2014, and only a year later they began working on the second. The sneaky word on the street is that they are opening another in a new development in Sandton and working on a office lunch delivery system for the area as well. THAT’S pretty epic. All those desk-bound coporate types (sorry you guys) can finally order-in a wholesome and nutritious lunch! WHOOP!

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So I tried some of their smoothies and wraps. I love the “build-your-own” option that they have going ’cause I am super fussy and complicated with my food… Sorry to all my friends and family that eat out with me and spend like 12 minutes waiting for me to sort my order out with the waiter… >.< Anyway! They have a decent amount of vegan options happening on their menu and I was pretty impressed with their home-made granola, although slightly on the sweet side. I absolutely LOVED the quinoa porridge (although I still believe I have the best recipe for quinoa porridge known to planet earth…). Their ingredients are well-balanced and I love the use of lots of good old veggies in there. Although, I must say their wraps could use a pinch more seasoning & flavour but they are clean; wholesome and nourishing which is the most important thing.

Most of all I love that it’s a small, local, family-owned business that is just the best testament to South Africa’s beautiful entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s root for the little guy! Kauai is already killing it (plus their portion sizes are SO UNACCEPTABLY SMALL) and really it’s so important to get decent, healthy food in as much as you can.

You can support this clean-eating outlet by visiting the store in Sandton Krunch Fresh Express at Shop FC06, Sandton City, Food court
or call +27 11 784 3198 or if you prefer a quieter environment find Krunch Café at 6A Sandown Valley Crescent, Sandton or call +27 11 722 7488

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