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March 2016

JHB // Leafy Greens

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I have mentioned before the big vegan movement that has been creeping into my lifestyle. It’s almost been an unconscious change – just naturally choosing less and less animal products and more and more veg. However, even BEFORE I started being more aware of the amount of meat intake in my diet, I LOVED Leafy Greens. Vegan or not – you HAVE TO GO. Like now. Just leave work, tell ’em you have a client status meeting – those are long right? ;)

Leafy Greens is just THE VEGAN SUPERLATIVE. The one ring to rule them all. I have been keeping an eye out for decent vegan-friendly restaurants, partially for myself and partially for my legit vegan friends (Shout out to Berny and Dean – now I’ll see which of my friends really read this blog.. lol) and I must say, it is tough. Majority of the vegan-friendly spots are not clean enough for me. And “clean” is also not a term that everyone is on the same page about. just cause something is gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean. Just cause it’s vegan AND gluten-free even moreover doesn’t mean it’s clean. Soya is not good for you. Blending a white rice flour, xantham gum and a bunch of sugar and “Hydroxyprophyl Methyl Cellulose” (WTF) and making a loaf of what looks like Sasko white bread most DEFINITELY can’t be good for you. The move to clean eating isn’t only about cutting the obvious stuff, it’s about being aware of what you are putting in your body 24/7. It’s relatively easy to go vegan if you fine with eating super refined rubbish that every so-n-so vegan shop sells.

Eating CLEAN is the difficult part. I hope you saw my post on The Greenside Cafe (which is almost a year ago now! My what a lot has changed…). Those guys are still super awesome with some delicious menu items, and I will be doing a post on Conscious 108 soon (still not open for breakfast *sad face).

In the mean time – LEAFY GREENS IS WHERE IT IS AT. I still need to stop in for breakfast (ASAP. Cause. CoYo.) so I can’t tell you how that is yet. I’ll post an update when I do go. But the lunch. But the BUFFET lunch. I had fomo for every single thing that was not already on my plate – which was a LOT. You pay a flat rate, and you can put as much as you want on your plate. Most buffet spots these days do a weight system, which could work out better for your wallet but I like the idea that I can literally fill my plate to the very edge and know that the price stays the same :)


I have only been twice, and there are a couple staple amazing-ness-es from what I can tell.
1 – The onion bread cracker thingies.
2 – The gluten-free pizza thingies.
3 – Those fried spinach ball thingies.
4 – The baked rice dish thingie.
5 – All the other thingies.

The cost for what you get is really completely proportionate. I wouldn’t complain about price after the amount of food that I got to eat. And dayum was the food good. Good doesn’t cut it. The last lunch I had there is one of my most memorable meals to date.
The environment is beautiful…
The waiters are AWESOME. Seriously, everyone was so super friendly and helpful both the times I have been there – Jasper was our guy. The first waiter I had was a really vibrant and friendly, fun girl (who I think had a kick ass afro at the time, if I remember correctly). But I even recall one of the girls who had an ankle injury a few weeks ago hobbled down the stairs to show us our table without complaining, all smiles and super welcoming.

It’s a bit on the far side.
That’s all.

Get hold of them through the Leafy Greens website or call them on 010 595 4563.
The restaurant is open from Wed to Sun: 9am to 5pm.
They are located in Muldersdrift – Plot 328 Rocky Ridge Road, Off Beyers Naude Drive next to Casalinga.













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