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June 2015

JHB // Perron

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Illovo’s hottest new spot. In fact, Joburg’s hottest new spot BY MILES. Only one year old and you can’t get a weekend evening table without calling 2+ months in advance. I have been dying to try it… Sadly booking 2 months ahead wasn’t really viable with no special occasion coming up, but lucky for me I had a gap between meetings the other day and stopped in for a bite. IT WAS SO GOOD. Totally warrants being booked up so far in advance. I am gonna call and book my birthday table NOW (For October. Overkill?). 

Mexican themed but still has a bucket load of healthy options. I had the kabeljou ceviche (which is mexican for fish? I think?) and the sweet potato on corn fritters. YUM. The food definitely lived up to the hype.  

One of my favourite things is that first on their website/menu/restaurant is “We love mexican food, we love tequila, we love you”… Tequila. Can you say “kindred spirits”?

You can find them at the Illovo Junction on Oxford road, Illovo. Contact them (WAY IN ADVANCE) on: 011 880 7296.




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