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July 2015

JHB // The Jungle

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Sorry for the sporadic posting over the past few weeks / months. I think between Kyla and myself life has just gotten in the way a little bit. We both work hectic 8am – 5pm type jobs, have many after-hours commitments and generally just not as much time as we would like :)

This post comes out of one of those days where I didn’t have every minute of my weekend planned, and some friends and I ended up going to The Jungle for a quick breakfast and browse. Apparently the day we were there they had a combined menu with Warm & Glad from upstairs as they were renovating at the time, so we will need to go back again and try the Jungle-specific menu.

First off – let me just say, I think I could spend every single cent I have to my name in that store. From the furniture to the flowers, everything is just stunning. Everything is beautifully designed, carefully displayed and fantastically unique. It looks the way I would love for my house to look. Every inch of it. Inside and out. *Sigh. One day…

The menu is quite simple but has enough options to cover any mood. It isn’t particularly health orientated, but if you eat eggs you can have a healthy eggs & sausage et al type breakfast. The food was DELICIOUS. Really tasty… I love food that is simple but has been cooked with care – and that’s exactly what it tasted like. It is the perfect spot for a lazy Saturday breakfast with your special someone, or with friends, or even better – by yourself. With wifi and a really nice relaxed environment there were a ton of people with laptops that seemed to be getting some real work done. Or just catching up on social media ;) hehe.

Find them on the Ground Floor, Albans Square, 357 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall.
Contact: 011 326 0786 or thejungleonline.com










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