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July 2015

JUICED: Day 1/5

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So you might have noticed how quiet I have been lately. Haven’t posted in about 3 weeks now… It is so tough working an 8am – 5pm job which doesn’t always contain itself to those hours, plus maintaining relationships with people you care about, other after-hours commitments, extra work, family, PLUS keeping some time for yourself. Every Monday for the past month or maybe three, I have resolved to get through just one week without eating something off plan… and every week I fail.

My new plan (due to some tests, doctor’s recommendations etc) involves no dairy, eggs, gluten, black pepper and minimal sugar. This excludes majority baked goods (even paleo / healthy ones) and basically anything store bought. So I start off every Monday tripping over my feet & flying into the work week at full-speed (usually behind on food prep – maybe enough planning ahead to get me through 2 – 3 days) and inevitably I land up getting to Friday and I have either had an entire day surviving off Black Cat peanut butter on rice cakes and Rooibos tea or I have gone full monty and eaten a burger and chips at a lunch meeting purely because by the time I get there I am so ravenous that I couldn’t care less about gluten or wheat or health. It’s really bad. And I actually feel quite .. embarrassed writing this. NOW my biggest problem is that by this time I have less than zero resolve left so I go “oh well! Better just start on Monday again” and then I write off most of the weekend and have a croissant here, or a packet of M&M’s there, just waiting for my discipline to resurface so I can “hit it” the following week. It is a vicious cycle. And I have spent almost 2 months now spiralling down this unhealthy and destructive drain.

I have seen the Juiced Co promos and products around on Twitter & Facebook and have really just always thought that juicing for 3 or 5 or 7 days seemed crazy and impossible, so I always just scrolled passed. Then on Thursday evening when I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8pm, as usual, I found myself really needing to do something drastic to just jump start back on track. So I logged onto Twitter, tweeted the Juiced Co guys and I made my order.

Collection from the Braamfontein shop was super easy (it’s there on De Beer str near the Lomography store). The ladies that work there are really sweet and friendly.

My box was really clearly marked, with a daily plan. The herbal teas that are included are from the Pukka range – MY FAVOURITE – and you get to choose when to have what teas. Otherwise the plan is quite clear, you have one red, one orange and one green juice a day. I couldn’t have 2 of the soups that are usually on the plan because of my black pepper allergy, but have 2 different green soups and an orange soup.

So in terms of a day one review:

> EVERYTHING TASTES GREAT. I think if you are used to juicing, and having real fresh juice then you will be 100% fine on this cleanse. The combinations that have been created are perfectly balanced and have just the right amount of sweet in them.

> I find drinking the hot water and lemon first thing in the morning a bit difficult – but have always wanted to do this, I know it’s super healthy, so I am going to muster and make it through the 5 days and hopefully it becomes a habit.

> I find myself being quite full most of the time, right up until about 10 minutes before the plan indicates the next “meal” – there is a 15 minute window where I am RAVENOUS.. but that is really manageable and not as bad as I expected. The soups REALLY make a difference. I am not sure I would make it through just juicing – the idea of “eating” soup vs just sipping the juice, plus the fact that it is warm, has helped a lot I think.

> Side effects from the detox so far – headache, little bit shakey and a ta on the quesy side. But otherwise all good!

Bring on DAY TWO! :)



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