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July 2015

JUICED: Day 2/5

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DAY TWO… Surprisingly much easier than I expected.

My first juice for today was the Bliss. I didn’t think too much when looking at it, kind of expected an orangey something or other and got a bit of a surprise! It was a NUT milkshake “juice”!!! Delicious. Ended up sipping on it for almost 30 minutes to try and savour the sweetness.

The soups I have in rotation (had to eliminate 2 of the 5 soups that they usually have because of my black pepper allergy – boring) are zucchini soup, carrot & orange and broccoli & spinach. Have tried them all now that I have finished day two. LOVE the green ones. Both zucchini and broccoli soups are really, really tasty and filling.

I think for anyone who juices fairly regularly or drinks fresh juice often will know what to expect with the green / red / orange juices. My green one today was mint, cucumber, celery, apple and romaine. It was quite tangy but refreshing. I have no problem drinking any combo of any juice these days. Especially the green ones…

Side effects today:

> Screaming headache – think this is from the detox. I know that, although I wasn’t eating too badly, I had enough junk in my diet to mean that I am flushing out some toxins right now.
> Last night had a teensy bit of a tunny tum, but nothing hectic, and back to normal now (sorry for the overshare.. awkward but want to keep a decent record for anyone who might want to try it).
> Little bit shaky earlier on in the day… Have refrained from exercise – might try yoga tomorrow.
> I find that if I stick to the suggested time plan I am ok, if I miss a juice or a soup then my headache gets worse and I get a bit dizzy. Today had a meeting run form 2:30 (meant to have my first soup) until about 4pm and I could seriously feel it. Need the nutrients to get me through the day.

I think that doing 3 days would be EASY PEASY. Definitely could make it through tomorrow no problem – so for first timers, or for anyone who is unsure of the 5 or 7 day cleanses, go for 3. You can do it.
But I am still feeling strong and ready for day 3.

PS: Sorry no pretty pics today. Crazy day at the office = no time.


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