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July 2015

JUICED: Day 3/5

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I thought that day 3 would be the hardest day. It was not. Day 2 was WAY WORSE.

However, it didn’t start out so well… I woke up around 5am to use the ladies…

SIDE NOTE – forgot to mention the biggest side effect of all! I literally wee 3 times as much as usual.

*Cough. Back to the story… Woke up and realised that I had forgotten to take out my juices & soups for the day so they were all frozen solid and still in my freezer. Not okay. Lucky for me my generous mother recently donated a gas heater to our flat so I put that on, set a side table in front of it with my juices & soups on it and went back to bed for an hour & a half hoping that by the time I woke up (again) I would have at least one partially defrosted juice to look forward to.

I did. The juices had all at least almost defrosted, the first one I had this morning was pretty well chilled still which actually added to the taste.

Of all the juices I must say that I absolutely LOVE anything with beetroot in it. All the red juices have such a hearty and sweet taste to them… My orange juice today (Recharge) was all kinds of tangy – including grapefruit, lemon, ginger & orange. I swear I could feel it cleaning my tummy. Tart. But yummy. Dare – daily green – is so far my least favourite. I see I have it on Friday again.. I think it’s the parsley that is the ingredient throwing me. Love kale, spinach and even celery in juice. But I know that parsley is high in Vitamin K, C & A and is a good anti-oxidant and great for your heart. So I’ll suck it up ;) pun intended.

I am not sure whether the juices selected for the plan are specifically chosen – I see that there are a few on the site that are not included like Glow or Happy – which I would have loved to have in the plan… Maybe you get different juices depending on the day, the season or  the stock? Will check up on that. 

In terms of updates / side effects:

> Last night after I posted and about 20 minutes before I went to bed I was starving. I think the trick with this cleanse is to sleep early and time your juices & soups so that you never have more than 2 hours without one or the other.
> By the end of the day my teeth feel kind of furry and slimy… which is unpleasant, but is to be expected I guess? All the juice? I just Googled “Juicing and teeth” don’t do that. The results are not very comforting.
> MILD headache by the end of the day today, nothing like yesterday.
> Little bit bloated after afternoon soup, but a concentrated load of broccoli will do that to a person.

My one takeaway from today is this: If you can do 3 days, you can do 5. So just do it. I have had a couple people at the office telling me I am crazy, or saying how they would never be able to do this. It is just a couple days. Its a mindset thing. And if I can do it, then seriously, you can too.

If you are still tentative then try 3 days! I also think that using this as a jumpstart to a healthier eating plan or lifestyle is also a great idea. I can not tell you how excited I am to eat grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. Where as a week ago I struggled to say no to a piece of cake. I can feel my system is cleaner, and I don’t want to “make it dirty” again – if that makes sense. I don’t want to have spent 5 days drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner only to ruin my progress the following week. I am far more motivated to eat healthy and, more importantly, be consistent in eating healthy.

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