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July 2015

JUICED: Day 4/5

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Today literally FLEW PASSED (*past…? can never get it right). Barely had time to think.

The Juiced guys responded to me regarding which juices are on the cleanse and why. It’s a calorie controlled plan specifically worked out by a dietician. I had thought has much – sugar content in fruit juices, even home-made ones, is often just too high for your daily intake or allowance. If I juice at home I try and keep the ratio to 4 veggies to 1 fruit. You need the one for taste, but you don’t want any more sugar than that in such a concentrated dose. Especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Side effects:

> Headache is gone.
> Still going to wee a million times a day.
> Little bit bloated again, but usually feel flat and SO slim in the mornings.
> Had some cravings today – I REALLY WANT GRILLED CHICKEN AND ROASTED SWEET POTATO. Hahaha.. Not sure what that means. I also find myself smelling food. With an intensity that is definitely not normal. I made potato wedges for Stephen tonight – I had my nose almost on the roasting dish just smelling that olive oil roasted goodness…
> Cant wait to chew something again. Seriously, I miss physically eating.
> Otherwise, feeling a bit hungry now, it’s been 2 hours since I had my dinner soup, going to have herbal tea then jump into bed before I get too hangry (yes. Hungry/Angry) again.

I must ask the team over at Juiced about how to transition back into eating on Friday – I mean, CAN I go and order a massive steak and grilled veggies or something? Or do I need to stick to lighter foods or ONLY veggies…? Will update on this in the 5 day recap post.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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