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July 2015

JUICED: Day 5/5 & Overview

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FINALLY the final post!! Eep! Haha.. sorry for the delay.. Manic. As usual.

So I made it through the 5 days – easy breezy. I don’t think I could have done 7 days, purely because I was ready to eat an entire mountain of “real food”. Couldn’t have made it through another day on only liquids… I must say – super impressed by the fact that I wasn’t (and I am still not) craving “junk”. I want veggies, clean meats, more juice, vegan smoothies (YUM).. so the cleanse definitely did what I hoped it would – it helped me kick start my clean eating again.

Final Overview:

> By day 5 I had no side effects and felt pretty great.
> My skin is still breaking out – not sure whether it is remnants of detox or if it is now stress or something different all together…
> I lost about 700gr over the 5 days.
> I definitely feel cleaner, slimmer and healthier.
> 100% recommend this to ANYONE who is even remotely interested in detoxing or doing a cleanse or trying to jump start a cleaner lifestyle.

> One VERY intense side effect that I experienced – the Friday after the cleanse finished (about 24 hours after my last soup) I had drinks with friends… 2 glasses of wine and 4 hours later – I was completely smashed. Had been monitoring my drinking through the evening because I was driving home, but ended up hitting me like a ton of bricks after a couple hours and it was completely unbelievable how out of it I was. So – ease into drinking any alcohol in serious moderation.

> Another semi “serious” side effect: It has been quite hard to get back into regular eating and regular sized portions. I find myself eating a small breakfast and then being fine until dinner. I think I am gradually gaining my old appetite back though… Will keep you posted :)

On a side note, Future Life has dairy in it. That is really upsetting. Didn’t even think to look for dairy until someone told me the other day. So…….. WHAT DO I EAT FOR BREAKFAST???? Ideas please ? Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free and doesn’t cost a fortune?

Happy Tuesday guys.


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