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March 2013

Lexi’s homemade chicken pie

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I often pull this recipe (or a variation of it) when I want to impress people. I got the initial base for the recipe from my mom, but have obviously tweaked it over the years.

(please see the bottom of the post for a couple of great chicken pie variations!)

For Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie you will need:

Puff pastry (2 rolls of Todays puff pastry works well for me in terms of quantity)
Chicken breasts
mushrooms (I like the brown ones)
one full leek stalk
an onion
250ml of cream
basil & oregano
salt & pepper
white wine
lemon juice

Fry your mushrooms first in some butter, bit of salt and pepper.

Set them aside and fry your onions next. Add your chicken (cut into small pieces) once the pieces are no longer pink, add in about half a cup of the wine and let it reduce.
Add your leeks, mushrooms and cook for a while, then add your basil, oregano, salt and pepper.
Pour the cream in and cook for about 15 minutes.

Next, combine your two rolls of puff pastry and roll out into one big oval shaped piece of puff pastry delicious-ness. I used a side plate and cut circles out from that. I got 6 decent sized pies from that.
I always, always, always have a small awkward piece of pastry left over, either use it as a decorating device, OR what I like to do is make little cheese puffs. just a block of cheddar wrapped in your left over pastry – this time I got 2 out. They are great little snacks!

To make the pies, you have to get your circle of puff pastry in front of you, and spoon a couple of table spoons of the filling onto one half of the circle.
Then fold over the other half, just covering the filling, and pinch and tuck the sides to close

Brush with egg and bake for 40 minutes to an hour (take them out when they start to go nice and golden.

So here are a couple ideas for chicken pie variations.

My original chicken pie is the same as above except for instead of leeks I used carrots.

Pumpkin variation:
Cook your chicken in brandy instead of white wine, and add nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger instead of basil & oregano. Add pumpkin & peas instead of mushrooms/leeks. I use frozen stuff usually cause its just cheaper and more convenient and just steam/boil them. Otherwise cook it exactly the same!

Pot pie variation:
Put your entire filling into a roasting/pie dish and put the pastry on as a layer on top – bake the same way. This way gets quite a bit more food out of the recipe.

Mini pie variation:
Cut smaller circles out of your pastry and use half of them to line the holes in a muffin pan, put your filling in, and use the other half of the circles to close your mini pies on top.


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