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January 2013

Mushroom Risotto. My favourite.

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Mushroom risotto is my favourite, favourite, favourite dish to cook and to serve and to eat and to order… mmm hmmm.

I also have a few tricks that cut the time down a bit without losing the intense and amazing flavours!

You need:

2 cups risotto rice (arborio rice)
cup of white wine
an onion
big brown mushrooms (if you can afford to add shiitake or porcini mushrooms too then do! yummy)
6 cups veggie stock
almost a cup of parmesan
olive oil

Prep all your ingredients first (chopping your onion, grating the parmesan, cutting the mushrooms). Keep your veggie stock simmering on one of your stove plates.

Before anything else I always fry my mushrooms, then they are ready to mix in whenever you need them. Butter, a dash of lemon juice maybe, sprinkle some of your favourite herbs (I use a bit of basil and salt for this one), that should do the trick.

Start by frying the onion – I use butter here instead of oil but either will do. Then add the rice. Fry your rice until it starts to go slightly transluscent. This can take a bit of time, never stop stirring.
Pour in your white wine and keep stirring until the wine reduces.

Now comes the straining part – I swear my poor arm is stiff already. Add your stock one ladle at a time. Don’t stop stirring while your rice absorbs the stock. Carry on adding your stock. Usually this whole process is supposed to take up to two hours but if you keep your heat up high while you add your stock it can be reduced to about 40 minutes – which for a fantastic risotto dish is super quick. The only problem then is IF you do stop stirring even for 2 minutes, your rice can burn at the bottom of the pot. Trust me its gross.

Anyway so you finish adding your stock ladle by ladle and then take your risotto off the heat, add a hefty tablespoon of butter and stir that in. Then you mix in the parmesan and immediately you will see the dish start to become a bit more sticky and risotto-y. A lot of recipes say to add a third or even a quarter cup of parmesan but anything less than a cup just isn’t nearly as scrumptious.

Finally you can stir in your mushrooms (or even dish them up on top of your risotto, I like both ways) and serve while it’s still hot.

This recipe takes just over an hour to cook from start to finish and it is by far my best meal yet. It’s always my ticket to impress and it always makes me feel better after all kinds of hellish days.


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