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April 2014

Paleo Fishcakes

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Hey inter-peeps! Its been totes cray-cray (so much so that I am using ridiculous slang abbreviations) cause of Easter and work and weekends and dinners and new friends and gym and cooking and getting totally absorbed by my newly discovered show Girls… More of the latter than I like to admit. So I am sending apologies for not posting last week, trying to be more consistent and cool about posting every week. In fact, with Kyla’s help we actually want to be posting twice a week soon … but that will happen when the new-improved-revamped-awesome-designer-better-blog is up. It is coming sooooon I swear.
Anyway this is a recipe from my favouritest-est ever Kyla, and I am so super jealous that I was 1500km away and that we can NOT in face send smells/tastes/food pieces over iMessage. Lame.
Thanks Lexi for the great (and super-amusing) introduction the other day! Hi again to all! Tag-team food blogging FTW. 
These fish cakes are great as a cheap and filling protein dish that can be served with whatever side dish you choose, veggie or otherwise. They are gluten-free, full paleo and dairy-free. Get in!
— Recipe — 
Serves 2-3
1 large sweet potato (approx. 15cm long, 7cm diameter)
2-3 eggs*
3 tins of tuna
Handful of coriander
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp dried parsley
Handful of spring onion or chives
Coconut oil
*The egg quantity depends on the size of your sweet potato. You want the mixture to be solid enough to form into fish cake rounds and hold itself in that shape. Go with two eggs to begin with, and if it isn’t holding together or is too dry, add a third. 
1. Microwave, steam or boil the sweet potato until soft all the way through. Mash it up until smooth and allow to cool to around room temperature.  
2. Chop the spring onion or chives and the coriander until relatively fine. 
3. Once the sweet potato has cooled to room temperature, mix this in with all the other ingredients except the coconut oil. Use your hands and make sure it’s thoroughly mixed-in. 
4. Mould fish cake rounds with your hands, you should get about 8 fish cakes, depending how big you want them. 
5. Heat coconut oil in a pan on a medium-high heat (oil should just cover the bottom of the pan).  
6. Fry fish cakes until golden brown on on both sides, turning once or twice. Add more oil if you need to. Approximately 8 minutes to cook through, depending on thickness. 
Serve with fresh lemon to squeeze over these puppies and according to a source who will remain nameless, ‘These are f***ing yum!’


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