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January 2013

Parmesan chicken, butternut and rocket pasta

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This dish is one of the easy and fun ones to make. The only difficult part is parmesan-ing the chicken.

What you need:

Skinless chicken breasts (cut into bit size pieces)
bow-tie pasta
sliced almonds
lemon juice
white wine
olive oil
salt & pepper
an egg

First you get your butternut roasting. I just throw some olive oil and salt & pepper over the chopped pieces and get that into the oven, I like mine nicely roasted with some black edges so I leave it in for about an hour.

Next roast your almonds so they are ready to toss into the mix later.

Now, for the chicken, first toss your pieces in flour so they are semi-evenly coated. Now, brush them with a whisked egg and then toss that sticky mix in about a handful of grated parmesan (with this one I cheated and used the ready grated bucket from fournos.

Fry your chicken in a little bit of olive oil, white wine and a dash of lemon juice.

Cook up your pasta (al dente of course) and all your aspects are ready to mix! Toss them all up together, add your rocket and it is ready to serve. I serve with a bit of parmesan on top and a squirt of lemon juice.

Tip: I didnt do it this time, but previously I fried up some halloumi cheese and mixed that in too, and that just takes it to a whole other level of delicious!

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