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March 2013

Potato pancakes – served with mince

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So! trying to stay true to my gluten free wheat free healthy diet plan I used a tried and tested really great recipe of mine (which I tweaked from Bri Emery’s one) for potato pancakes!

Pancake mix:

2 large potatoes
2 tablespoons sour cream
cup of spring onions
4 eggs
(the reason I use so many eggs is that the pancakes dont really “set” very well if you don’t, I ended up with kind of a mushy fried mash potato thing the first time)

Mince – use the same recipe as my lasange.

Boil & mash your potatoes. Add the rest of the pancake ingredients. Dollop a few spoonfuls into a pan with some butter and fry. Wait until you see bubbles forming in the pancake mix, and then flip. When turning the pancakes, wiggle your spatula in one end and then use a fork or something to steady the other and carefully flip over – the potatoes make the mix kind of crumbly, but once you have turned it once it is easy to turn again!

Serve with mince and spring onions OR (even better, I didnt have any of these) bacon, sour cream & chopped chives… Yummy!

These guys also work AMAZINGLY with breakfast. Fried mushrooms & tomato, with eggs & potato pancakes… can you think of a better way to start your weekend??


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