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March 2013

Prawn Avo Salad

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So lately I have been on a bit of a health kick. Trying to stay away from wheat/gluten and dairy in general. Last week I made this salad one night for dinner, and I must say, sometimes healthy beats junk hands down.

Ingredients I used:

prawns (Ready cooked, bought from Woolworths)
cherry tomatoes
lemon juice

Roast the almonds in a pan with a bit of butter till golden – mine burnt a little cause I was distracted by a friend using our washing machine to wash his underpants…. yes.
Then I also fried up the prawns a little in some butter & lemon juice, adding extra salt and pepper cause they seemed a tad tasteless straight off the bat.

Toss everything together in a salad bowl and serve!

What a great, super healthy dinner option!


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