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January 2013

Pretty pretty pastries

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Today I was paging through the lastest Taste and found a neat little recipe for ham and leek phyllo tarts. The problem was that I didn’t have any ham or any leeks so I had to improvise. My version of this delicious little snack follows…

You will need:

a muffin pan
phyllo pastry
1 pack back bacon
1 red onion (or regular onion if you like)
4 eggs
125ml sour cream
125ml fresh cream
dash of lemon juice
swig of white wine
and good old salt & pepper

First I cooked the diced bacon in a pan till it was a bit crispy, and “sweat” my chopped red onions till they were nice and translusent. Cubing tomatoes has never been my forte but today I managed prefect cute little cubes! Chop up about a handful of chives and your filling is almost ready!
Whisk your eggs together with the creams, lemon juice and white wine and add salt & pepper to tase. (I did this in a measuring jug so that pouring the mix later would be easy)

Then I used scissors to cut my phyllo pastry – about 4 layers for each tart. I measured squares roughly 18cm x 18cm. Getting the squares into your muffin pan isnt too easy but that’s half the fun – they are meant to look a bit lop-sided, it gives your dish some character.
Toss together your filling ingredients in a bowl till they seem evenly mixed. Then spoon roughly one heaped table spoon into each phyllo case. Pour the liquid in too, sprinkle some grated parmesan and pop it into the oven!

Now… Woolies says to bake them at 180° for 15 – 20 mins but mine weren’t browning nicely at the top and ended up leaving them in for just over half an hour, and in hindsight I would have left them in for another 5 minutes maybe. But my poor tiny oven struggles a bit so just watch them and when the pastry is goldeny and your filling isnt bubbling anymore then they are ready!



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