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February 2015

Review // Superfoods Organic Chia Meal

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I love breakfast, it’s one of my most favourite things. Somehow society made it more normal to have a sweet breakfast than a sweet dinner, for example: not that I am complaining! The trouble is, who has time for making breakfast in the 21st Century?! It is sometimes really hard to have a nutritious breakfast when you are rushed on a Monday morning. Fear not… Because chia meal is here! I was super excited to try this, it looked interesting, good for me, yummy and ‘just-add-water’ kind of easy. A disclaimer* at this point: we were in no way approached to punt this or any other product unless we state so, and I am only going to say real things about real things, I am a consumer too :) …

Chia meal retails for around R110 (I got mine at Wellness Warehouse) and that is expensive, partly because you can eat the whole darn packet in one sitting it is so tasty. Flip. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and I find it pretty filling, especially once I have added things to it. I wouldn’t have it on its own unless you are super rich and can buy lots or you just feel like a snack.

This stuff 100% satisfies my chocolate cravings without the dairy and without going overboard. Win. Ingredients are lacuma powder, cacao powder and nibs, goji berries, white mulberries, vanilla powder, mesquite powder and chia seeds (all of which are organic).

For this meal idea I added some goji berries and some pomegranate pips. I often add L-glutamine if I want some protein, more chia seeds or GF oats if I want a more substantial meal, nuts or nut butter for creaminess and I have dabbled with honey and ginger :) – all so good. I mix it with water, but you could do coconut milk, milk or cream if you want to be licking a bowl!

Chia meal tastes malty, chocolatey and has a bit of crunch from the cacao nibs and goji berries that are already in it.

So there it is. Monday morning, I’ve got you. :)




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