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March 2016

Review // Yokos CoYo

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I basically follow a GF, dairy-free, 80% paleo lifestyle and one of the things I miss most about cutting out dairy is yoghurt. For me it is as much a taste thing as a ritual and texture thing. I mean muesli and yoghurt on a Saturday morning as a child watching morning cartoons was my vibe. And there are few non-dairy things that can match the smooth creaminess of good yoghurt.

Now obviously a lot of us don’t want or need the nasties that go into processed yoghurt these days, so I have been waiting with very bated breath and literally searching everywhere (ask Lexi, she’ll confirm) for coconut yoghurt in South Africa. Since I had some in NYC last year, I was hooked! Imagine my excitement when I found these guys at the Waterfront (Food shed) at Yokos.

So I am reviewing some as a public service (not)! This yoghurt comes in 3 flavours: vanilla coconut , plain and cacoa coconut. I decided to go with vanilla so I could have a neutral favour base if I wanted to use this in smoothies or bowls. This was a good decision :)

Taste: damn good! I would describe it as pretty much exactly what you would imagine a coconut cream yogurty flavour to taste like. I really liked the plain flavour as well and the cacoa comes in a close second.

Texture: As the ingredients contain vegetable gelatine, if refrigerated at too low a temperature it can feel a bit gelatinaous, but a good mix sorts that out. Conversely, it will go fairly if kept out too long. Also, I think the gelatine concentration varies slightly between tubs.

Price: This stuff is NOT cheap, and I can only afford to do this once in a while and then force myself to make it last. R80 for 500g, R150 for 1L.

Pairings: I paired with blueberries, mango and granadilla for breakfast and then also with some cashews and nut butter for a snack. Both were really tasty. I am going to make some paleo granola and have some with that, yessssss!

The only thing I would say is that if they are using store-bought coconut cream that contains xanthum gum or other stabilisers (not listed) then some people may be sensitive to them.

If you are looking for a paleo, GF, dairy-free and vegan sweet treat : this a great go-to!





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