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November 2015

Stellenbosch // Schoon De Companje

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So a couple weeks (months?) ago I went to Stellenbosch for a long weekend. Whenever I am in Cape Town – whether it’s in town town or a little bit further away, whether it’s to see family, friends or on business – I MAKE SURE I see Kyla’s face for at least half an hour ;) Cause, you know, I get separation anxiety… And we live so far apart. 

This particular weekend was one where I could only fit in a lunch with her and I was staying in Stellenbosch for the weekend, without a car, so naturally Kyla made the trip up (or down? or sideways?) to the winelands too meet me for a quick-ish lunch at Schoon De Companje. We ordered ALL THE FOOD as usual, and spent the afternoon (or part of it anyways) stuffing our faces while catching up on a MILLION of life’s stuff and things. Schoon De Companje does a normal a la carte menu, but the healthiest (gluten free/dairy free/sugar free) options were in the tapas section. I am a strong believer that tapas style is the way that food is meant to be eaten and that food that isn’t shared seriously doesn’t taste as good. Also I get really bad FOMO so I feel a lot less anxious about menu envy when I get to choose a whole bunch of little things… 


The restaurant has a great vibe, it is one of the top rated restaurants in Stellenbosch on Zomato and epitomised the quaint, quirky, traditional but trendy nature of the town itself. 

We ate a combination of italian-style food – squashed salami, coppa ham, olive tapenade, a fresh coleslaw, shitake mushroom pesto and sweet potato fries (Mmmmm them fries). Everything was super tasty.

We both heartily recommend this spot to anyone in or near Stellenbosch for a delicious lunch or dinner. 

You can find them on 7 Church Street, Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Call: 021 883 2187 or go check out their website: www.decompanje.co.za

Happy eating guys! 







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