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January 2013

Stromboli a la mushroom!

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I wanted to try a stromboli recipe for a while, but the one I wanted to use had a whole bunch of ingredients that I didn’t have in my cupboard. Being just before pay day I had to make do with what I had in my cupboard.

For the dough:

2.5 cups flour
half a sachet of yeast (6gr or so)
1 tbsp of salt
4 tbsp olive oil
half a cup of luke warm water


large brown mushrooms
white wine
spring onion

Mix your doug ingredients together thoroughly till it is nice and soft – if you feel its getting sticky add a bit more flour. Leave it somewhere warm to rise for about an hour.

Chop up the mushrooms and fry them in butter, add half a cup of wine and a sprinkle of basil and let it reduce.
Cut up enough chives to have a generous sprinkle, chop your spring onion, and your mozzarella.

Roll your dough out into an oval shape, just thinner than the width of your pinky finger.
Layer your fillings evenly across the surface and then carefully roll the longest side. Pinch your ends closed and poke some holes around the surface using a toothpick.
Brush with olive oil and bake for about 40 minutes.

It is super simple but soooo yummy!


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