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March 2014

Sweet potato breakfast hash

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So ya – sweet potato, you’re gonna be seeing a LOT of that around here. Since its pretty much the only carb/starch I can eat nowadays I eat it ALL THE TIME. Trying to get seriously creative – sweet potato pies, sweet potato mash, sweet potato wedges, baked sweet potato, roast sweet potato… I must say, the past few days I did get borderline sick of it, but one day of pumpkin and I was cured. Not that I am saying pumpkin isnt AWESOME – which it is… but in terms of a carb sweet spot, sweets-potato (I’m funny!) is the only one that really does the trick for me. Haha. Told you last time – embracing my corny nature is what I am all about these days ;)

Another thing I have to get real creative with is eggs! My breakfast every day has to have 2 portions of protein in, and the only protein I really wanna eat before 11am is eggs… so you got it – scrambled, fried, poached, omelette, boiled (a LOT of boiled), frittata, and my latest discovery – baked! Which is where the hash comes in. Now technically speaking a breakfast “hash” is meant to be like a sort of baked lucky packet with left overs from dinner – so throw whatever is in your tupperwares, crack some eggs in and bake. Voila – Breakfast Hash.

Buuuuttt… I didnt have left overs, so I made a “hash” from scratch. But one day when I have something leftover on a Saturday morning I am gonna make a for-realsies breakfast hash. ^_^

— Recipe —
Serves 2


1 large sweet potato – diced
1 onion – chopped up
2 chorizo sausages – chopped up
1 tub cherry tomatoes – halved
3 small baby marrows – sliced into thin(ish) pieces
Sweet basil, oregano, salt & pepper
4 eggs


*preheat the oven to 180*

Roast the sweet potato for 30 minutes – till soft inside & crispy on the outside.
Fry some onion till turning brown, then add the chorizo, tomato and baby marrow.
Season to taste.
Toss your panfried ingredients and the roasted sweet potato into a roasting/baking dish.
Make “holes” or “wells” and crack the eggs into them.
Bake for 15 mins for hard eggs, 10 mins for medium eggs – and I am not sure for soft.. probably around 7.
Be careful – the white is deceivingly cooked much faster than it looks, my first batch of this went hard after 15mins cause I thought that the white still needed some time, but the second batch I took out earlier and realised that the whites had cooked even though it didnt really look like it.

Yay! Everyone HAS to try this on the weekend (especially if you havent tried a breakfast hash before, I have made this like 5 times since, my new favourite thing!!!)


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