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February 2013

Sweet potato chickpea burgers

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So as vegetarian burgers go this one is my favourite so far.

For the patties:

2 sweet potatoes (kind large) – boiled & mashed
half a can of chickpeas – drained and blended
2 eggs
half a cup of flour
tbs nutmeg
4 tbs tahini
salt to taste
dash of lemon juice

Mix your ingredients together in a big bowl and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so.
Dollop a good spoonful into your frying pan – you have to shape them in the pan cause the mixture is pretty mushy still. Use a generous amount of olive oil – it makes it easier when you want to flip them.
Now, don’t try flip them too early or they will mush together in the pan and become a kind of mashed potato fried mess. You also have to be delicate when you flip them to keep them together.

To add on top:

fried halloumi – salt & lemon juice tastes great
mixed salad leaves – your preference
tomato (I used cherry tomatoes and cut them up)
avocado (very expensive this time of year, and the burgers still taste great without if you are as poor as I can get near the end of the month)
add some bacon on top for some extra taste – for those who aren’t vegetarian

Use seeded rolls for the extra healthy taste.

Add it all together and eat up. It is good.

P.S: if you have left over patty mix, keep it in the fridge over night, and fry it up the next day – its fantastic with fish, as a side – sweeet potato pancakes.


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