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February 2014

Sweet Potato Crust Mince Pie

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If the internet was a human child and they saw this post they would be shouting “stranger danger!!!!!”. Yep. It’s been that long. Sorry for those of you who regularly check this little place of sporadic and inconsistent recipes… *blush*. It is no time for excuses (that is hard for me to say – I am a major talker – like to just make sure that everyone knows how I feel about everything all the time.. and if I have done anything wrong everyone definitely needs to know whyyyyy….)


All you need to know is that I have a good delicious set of 3 more recipes lined up. I am breaking the silence. The silence is being broken with beef though.. not lamb… (get it – silence of the lambs…? anyone…? its funny come on.)

Ok, so I may have mentioned in my last post (toooooo lazy to check right now) that I am back on the paleo eating plan for a while. I am doing the SleekGeek Comeback Kid challenge. It is 8 weeks of training hard and eating super healthy (obviously I plan to maintain both after the 8 weeks, but a little external motivation never hurt anyone…)

Anyway, it has been, once again, a challenge as well to get creative with the food options. Most people stop at meat and veg, but I am incredibly easily bored so I can definitely not eat basic variations of meat and veg every night for 8 weeks… and this recipe is one of the more inventive and fun ways to spin it ^_^

-side note: for anyone struggling with weight or discipline I really recommend the SleekGeek community to you.. it has really motivated me to kick into high gear. Find them on Facebook here.

-another side note: WOOLWORTHS SHOPPING ONLINE – changes lives. I am linking what I can in my future recipes to their site. OMG I could die of happiness.

— Recipe —
(Serves 4 people)


1 large sweet potato – slice into thin discs
(I would use Woolies new Beauregard Sweet Potatoes – they are orange like the fancy pants American ones!! – makes for a prettier pie ^_^)
1 onion chopped
1 pack of lean mince (500gr)
1 can Woolworths Mediterranean Style veggies (can sub for canned chopped tomato)
Sweet basil, Oregano, Salt & Pepper to taste
Broccoli (microwaved according to instructions)
Thinly sliced baby marrow
Sliced tomato


*preheat the oven to 180*

Chop and fry your onion, add the mince and fry until nice and brown. Add your canned mediterranean styled veggies and your herbs – seasoning to taste.
Meanwhile – line a springform pan with foil, and lay out your sweet potato discs evenly covering the bottom and sides.
Pour mince in, followed by your microwaved broccoli. Then add a layer of sliced tomatoes and your baby marrow.
Finish by adding a layer of your sweet potato discs to cover the pie.
Brush your pie with olive oil, bake for an hour.

Voila! A paleo friendly pie. And boy do I love pie, so this was a real winner. In fact – keep getting asked to make it again.. next time will try with a chicken filling I think :D

Happy almost-Wednesday guys!


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