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Vegan Protein Granola ~ Breakfast in a Jar

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Listen, I am all about the smoothie breakfasts these days (in fact I have a smoothie recipe coming up soooooon as well!) but some days you just want to EAT something right? And finding a vegan/gluten free/dairy free/sugar free option is kinda difficult. I am not vegan – not yet anyway – but I do believe that avoiding meat in general is better for the planet AND ourselves. Besides, being allergic to eggs makes vegan breakfast kind of a natural decision. Now, it’s easy to be vegan if you are unhealthy. It is not easy to be vegan if you are trying to cut out wheat/gluten and sugar as well. That’s when you gotta start getting creative. Eating dinner for breakfast can be a thing, but sometimes rice and kale isn’t really that appealing before 7am in the morning…



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Quinoa Beet & Russian Salad

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Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.07.55 PM

I have the privilege of working with Eskort doing some food styling, photography, recipe testing & development as part of their bold, adventurous and uncomplicated cooking campaign! It’s really awesome experimenting and trying out all their different products. So here and there I will be posting some of the healthier recipe options on Whisking It! :)



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Paleo Protein Bars

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Word on the street is that people should have protein within the 30 minutes straight after a weights workout. It helps with muscle recovery and ensure you don’t end up injured do to tearing over-worked muscles that didn’t get the nutrients they need to recover! During a workout you end up creating “micro tears” in your muscles (apparently) and taking protein directly after a heavy workout just immediately starts sending the hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components that your muscles need to recover! :)



July 2014

Paleo Coconut Flapjacks

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So after being man-down-almost-dead-hating-life-sad-sorry-for-myself sick for 2 weeks I am finally re-entering the world of the living. I can breathe through my nose again and walk down (and almost up) the stairs without gasping for air. Being back, finally, I can start posting all the delicious recipes I kept promising!