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June 2013

The very best scrambled eggs

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Wow. I started writing a SUPER sad sob story about myself and why I haven’t been posting anything lately, thank goodness I never published that crock of crap. All excuses and whining aside, I have actually just been lazy. Despite the fact that some people make this all look SO easy (cough-TheFoodFox) blogging is hard work, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Especially when you are generating your own content – cooking and photographing, recording stuff, it then writing it all down. And lately I have just been totally uninspired. I feel like all my photos are rubbish, my recipes are mediocre at best and my writing skills – pfffft. Whoop, there I go whining again.

Anyway! I decided I need to just get back to basics and stop trying so hard. In the beginning I really just posted whatever made me happy and I wasnt all worried about whether it was “foodie” enough (a dumb term anyway!) or whether one day someone would discover me and whisk me off to Cape Town to work at Taste Magazine. So here is a real post, about something that made me really happy and I have cooked over and over.

This recipe is a combination of Gordon Ramsay’s method of scrambling eggs, a very insightful suggestion from my little brother (the feta), and of course, me.

You will need:

4 eggs
3 tbsp of butter
chopped chives – about a handful
salt & pepper
1/3 cup of crumbled feta
chopped parsley (a generous pinch)

First crack 4 eggs into a pot and add the butter. Get it onto the stove and stir. Dont scramble/stir/mix your eggs before you get it onto the stove! Gordon says it somehow takes away from the flavour. Mix your eggs till they start to look more like scrambled eggs should then take your pot off the stove – keep stirring while you add the salt & pepper, chives, feta and parsley.
Put the pot back on the stove and stir for about 30 more seconds till your eggs are ready.
Serve on toast with fried cherry tomatoes…

Now Gordon adds creme fraiche, but good lord these eggs are super rich already, adding creme fraiche might be a good idea if you dont use the feta.

This serves 2.


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