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March 2013

Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate Macaroons

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Okay, macaroons.

Let me first just say the spelling of this word has completely confounded me. It seems that macaron is the correct spelling, and that macaroon is a coconutty pastry thing, But it also seems that the internet prefers the word macaroons in general. So for the sake of general knowledge I am gonna stick with “macaroon”.

I have tried these guys twice, once they came out like brownies and once like hard meringue shells of weird almond powder. THIS time however, success! It is the best feeling ever conquering macaroons. Best best best. I literally jumped up and down when I saw the feet forming! :)

So I got the recipe from here but have a read below for some tricks I learnt, which all recipes do not tell you! Just so you know, my pink & blue ones were a little bit hollow but I think it is because I over folded when I added the pink and blue colouring.

Tips & Tricks:

First thing to note, USE baking sheets. I tried without. Big mistake. you can dollop a tiny bit of the batter in each corner of the baking tray to stick the sheet down.
Next, when you pipe the mixture on – follow the video on this site – I found it much easier getting them similar sizes and round this way than the usual circular method.
Then once you have piped, bang the tray a couple times on a counter so the macaroons spread and flatten a bit – THIS is what helps the feet form!
If you want some texture or colour crumble up some tennis biscuits and sprinkle over your macaroons before baking.

For my fillings:

I beat 150 gr cream cheese with 50 gr butter and vanilla essence and 1.5 cup of icing sugar

Vanilla (Blue) macaroon:
added vanilla essence to the cream cheese mix and iced the blue macaroons

Strawberry (pink) macaroon:
added pink food colouring to the vanilla/cream cheese mix then iced the pink macaroons. I also added a bit of strawberry jam to the macaroon after the cream cheese icing for more flavour.

White (chocolate) macaroon:
added a cup of cocoa to the remaning pink cream cheese mix and iced the white macaroons.

So all my macaroons had a cheesecake flavour, which is very rich but super delicious. Next time I’ll try a lighter filling.

Good luck with yours if you try! They are soo worth the effort.


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