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May 2014

Weekend Wanderings // CT // Haas

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One of the downsides to living in Cape Town is that there is far too much to spend one’s money on. Far. Too. Much. As good food, cool ‘stuff’ and interesting places go, you’re in trouble! So with all these April public holidays, I decided to spend a lazy Worker’s Day (ironic) at a lovely little jaunt in town called Haas (the Haas Collective). It’s essentially a coffee cafe/design collective which does breakfast, lunch and baked goods. What is charming and lovely about Haas is the constantly changing art and design that they have exhibited in and around you in the shop, all of which is for sale. You can either sit outside on the stoep and watched the Bo-Kaap pass you by, or have an eye-feast inside while you eat your mouth-feast! There is also always a daily newspaper, a great coffee table book or an interesting magazine in the rack inside.

I had the rustic salad with salmon, which was very well seasoned, albeit missing the nuts and bread as described on the menu. I also had a Guatemalan-roast Americano coffee, which had great flavour. I would have liked it in a smaller cup, with less water, but the great taste and R2,50 rusk made up for it! Don’t hate: that’s the other thing about Cape Town, there is coffee… and then there is COFFEE ;). For coffee people who are interested, Haas serves Kopi Luwak at R110 per cup. There are not many paleo-friendly options on the menu, but if you are so inclined, you can ask them to hold the toast/bread/naan on items like the breakfasts/curry, respectively.

The service was friendly, relaxed and my food was served relatively fast (lol, which was a good thing because I was almost at my ‘hangry’ stage). Price-wise, you are looking at around R60 for food and R20 for a drink (obviously depending what you have).

I spent about an hour and a half just reading, eating, trendy-people-watching and hanging out like only an only-child can, haha! Thanks for having me Haas!

You can find them at 67 rose street, Bo kaap, Cape town, 8001
Web: http://haascollective.com/







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